Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1346

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“The patient was fortunate that he was brought in when he was. A second slower and he might have
ended up in a vegetative state,” the doctor said. ‘”He’s stable now, but he would need to be kept in an
ICU for further observation after a craniotomy. Visits are inadvisable for now.”

Everyone quickly heaved a sigh of relief, with Ryan quickly turning toward Lindsay. “Don’t worry, Mom.
Dad’s fine.”

Lindsay burst into tears at those words-she had been keeping it in for a while and could no longer do

“It’s alright, now. The doctor said that he is going to be alright,” Quinn assured her.

Lindsay nodded repeatedly, but there was no stopping her tears.

Fortunately, Marvin was wheeled out just then, and everyone hurried to his side.

Marvin was still unconscious, and his head bandaged while he looked enfeebled.

Lindsay called out to him softly in fear of startling him, and they walked with him as he was brought to
the ICU.

They could see from the window as Marvin was attached with various tubes and instruments, while
Lindsay continued to sob hysterically.

“You should watch out for your own health too, Mom,” Ryan

assured her. “Dad made it against all odds. Don’t hurt yourself from stress.”

“I know, I know…” Lindsay nodded, but her heart still ached for Marvin who had to be in there alone.

“Get some rest for now,” Ryan told her. “You must be tired— Dad’s surgery took a while.”

Lindsay appeared reluctant to leave, however, so Quinn reasoned with her as well. “There’s no point in
staying with Mr. Saunders right now-the medical staff will take care of him anyway. You need to stay
healthy in the meantime since you have to take care of Mr. Saunders when he gets better.”

Lindsay nodded at Quinn’s words, and they left the ICU, heading to a VIP ward-they had arranged for
Lindsay to stay there for the time being since Lindsay was obviously not going to leave. They would
also move Marvin straight there once he recovered and was taken out of the ICU.

Lindsay was obviously tired, as she lay in bed as soon as she got to the ward. Still, she looked
enfeebled and clearly worried-there was no way she would relax until her husband left the ICU.

Nonetheless, Ryan suddenly demanded, “Is this how you take care of your own parents, Sam?!”

As everyone turned toward Ryan, he continued furiously,” Have you ever shown an ounce of
responsibility in all the years you’ve spent with the family? Forget freeloading-at least treat Mom and
Dad better! See what you’ve done now?! Dad’s in surgery, and Mom’s overwrought with worry!”

Sam clenched his fists in clear restraint.

However, Quinn noticed his emotions flaring and hurried over to hold his hand down-Sam always had a
tendency to resort to violence!

Sensing the tense atmosphere in the room, Lindsay quickly tried to calm things down. “Ryan, this has
nothing to do with Sam-your dad just got a little upset at work. Don’t blame Sam… None of us expected
this, and he had no idea this would happen.”

However, Ryan was dead set that it was all Sam’s fault.” Nothing to do with him?! He’s a thirty-year-old
freeloader! If he actually worked and Dad didn’t have to do everything on his own, Dad wouldn’t have to

be hospitalized for work stress! Can’t you shape up already, Sam?! You’d actually be useless if you go
on like this!”

“Ryan!” Lindsay snapped, having heard enough.

Sam’s knuckles were clenched pale white, and Quinn nervously clung on, stopping him.

She knew that Sam was at the limit of his patience, and he would rather fight than talk it out!

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