Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1347

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“Are you done?!” Sam bellowed, glaring at Ryan a coldness swirling around him just then.

He had one hand held in place by Quinn, and he knew Quinn was worried that he and Ryan would
come to blows.

In fact, he had to admit to himself that was exactly what he wanted ever since he was a child!

Even so, he was aware that whether he wins or loses, their parents would ultimately only care about

Moreover, Ryan would never stoop to his level-all he needed was a few careless whispers for their
parents to side with Ryan, beat Sam up, and scold Sam.

Meanwhile, Ryan refused to listen to everyone telling him to stop. “Words can’t even describe how
disappointed I am-‘

“That’s enough, Ryan!” Lindsay snapped sternly.

“Mom, he’s thirty, not three or thirteen! You’d be hurting him if you keep tolerating him like this!” Ryan
snapped vindictively in turn.

Lindsay, however, ignored him and turned to Quinn. “Take Sam home for now. I’ll keep an eye on my
husband—I’ll call if anything comes up.”

In the end, Lindsay knew her son-she knew very well that if Ryan kept talking, her sons would
inevitably come to blows.

That was what Quinn feared too, so she quickly nodded.” Okay.”

Even if she did not like what Ryan was saying just then, no good would come of this no matter who
came out on top.

Still, as she pulled Sam along, he refused to budge like a piece of metal.

“Come on, Sam,” she tried to reason, as Ryan watched her do her best to lead Sam away.

Ryan’s eyes were flaring with jealousy-he was dead certain that Quinn would never fall for someone

Even if she did, he would never believe that it would ever be Sam.

After all, he never thought Sam to be significant. In fact, one might say that their entire Sam. As Ryan’s
second best, Sam seemed not to exist whenever Ryan was around.

And yet, here Quinn was, rejecting his offer of reconciliation for Sam’s sake.

He certainly could not stop talking with all that pent-up frustration inside!

“Just ignore him, Quinn,” he scoffed. “He’s not worthy of you 11


Sam had suddenly pushed Quinn away, knocking her to the wall as he caught her off guard while he
leapt up at Ryan and punched him squarely in the face!

Caught off the guard as well, Ryan was sent dropping to the floor even as Lindsay gasped in shock.

“Anyone in the family has the right to lecture me-but not you!” Sam growled slowly and clearly then.

Ryan slowly rose from the floor, bleeding from the corner of his lips.

“Are you alright, Ryan?!” Lindsay was looking at him worriedly.

“Stay away, Mom,” Ryan told her. He then swung a punch at Sam’s face, only for Sam to catch it
squarely with a vice-like grip, and Ryan could not even move his hand.

After all, not only was Sam heads and shoulders taller than Ryan, but he had also practiced martial
arts-Ryan was never going to win.

“Let me go!” Ryan glowered, but it was obvious that he was being embarrassed when Sam restrained
him to the point that he could not move!

Still, Sam shoved him off, leaving him stumbling backward.

“Don’t push me!” Ryan screamed.

He had never been humiliated like that in his family, ever!

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