Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1350

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Quinn started with Lindsay until she really fell asleep and gently tucked her under her blanket.

She turned to find Ryan on the couch, still clearly furious after what happened with Sam.

In reality, Quinn did not get Ryan-how could he accuse Sam for neglecting their parents when Ryan
himself never stayed at their side?

Still, she could only purse her lips.

She was unable to say anything damning because of the years of sentiment she harbored for Ryan-he
was definitely good to her when they were children.

She was always grateful toward the Saunder family too, aside from Sam, since she always thought he
did not like her.

As such, she asked Ryan softly, “Shouldn’t you get your face looked at by a doctor, Ryan?”

The bruise and swelling on his face was certainly obvious…

Ryan looked up at her in turn, but he said, “I’m fine.”

Quinn could tell that it was all just flesh wounds-she had no idea when it started, but she had this
growing feeling that Sam actually showed propriety despite what everyone thought.

This was a case in point-Sam was definitely holding back his punches, or Ryan would not be getting on
his feet.

On the other hand, that one punch Ryan managed to land…

Still, Quinn was a little concerned and reasoned, “You

should get that checked. Don’t you have to go to work? It’d be awkward if your colleagues and bosses
saw it.”

Ryan was silent, but Quinn took it as him giving in. “Come on, let’s get you to a doctor. Your mom’s
asleep now-she won’t be waking up soon.”

Ryan glanced at Quinn and followed her out of the VIP ward.

The doctor who examined Ryan confirmed that his injuries were no issue, though it looked gruesome
since they were all in the face.

After simple treatment and some prescription, they left the clinic and returned to the VIP ward.

They were tip-toeing since Lindsay was still asleep in the silent ward.

Quinn hesitated for a moment before asking Ryan, “You’re not leaving, right?”

“No. I don’t know how things will turn out with Dad, so I used my annual leave.”

“Okay. Then you stay here with mom-l’m going now.”

“Quinn…” Ryan growled a little too loudly just then and gritted his teeth when he noticed Lindsay
twitching in turn.

Lowering his voice, he demanded, “Are you going to Sam?”

“It’s been hours,” she reasoned. “He would’ve calmed down by now.”

Ryan only looked disappointed. “How could you be so stubborn?!”

“He’s my husband,” Quinn replied. “We should be together come what may, and it’s all the more reason
I should be with him since he’s in a bad mood.”

“Your husband?!” Ryan snorted in unspeakable agitation.” How is that a marriage? You wouldn’t have
been with him if I wasn’t forced to leave! And did either of you behave like you were married over the
years?! Has he shown you any respect when he messed around with other women?! Why would you
want to go to him now?!”

“Sam and I—”

“I’ll talk to my parents personally once my dad’s better. I won’t let you continue to suffer because of my
family,” Ryan assured her.

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