Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1354

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Quinn actually knew that he had woken Lindsay up, but she kept her voice down whenever she spoke

On the other hand, Ryan never did—even if he knew that his mother was sleeping, he did not care as
he vented his feelings.

Quinn shrugged and gave up just then.

She did not want to press the issue of Ryan changing as a person… or that she never noticed that side
of him that many others did not know of.

Right now, she just wanted to live her life and be with Sam.

“I’m going now. Sam’s hurt too-l need to check on him,” she said and turned to leave without another

Ryan growled coldly in her wake, “I don’t care if you’re trying to be petty and said those things to upset
me, warning: if you step out of that door, we’re never getting back together. I refuse to cater to the
whims of hand- me-downs.”

Quinn pursed her lips-so she was a hand-me-down in his mind already.

No one would have stayed unscathed by such a humiliating term, but it really was no skin off her back.

Perhaps now that he was not important to her, nothing he said mattered.

Still, she suddenly turned and walked up to him, and he watched, convinced that she was afraid to
leave because of his threat.

He smiled smugly-he knew she was just bluffing and that there was no way she had fallen out of love
with him. He certainly knew that Quinn would not be stupid enough to pick the inferior one between him
and Sam. After all, anyone with a working pair of eyes would know that picking him was the smart

“Let’s start over Quinn,” he said. “Let bygones be-“

“I’m just getting Sam’s medicine,” Quinn said as she picked up the packet on the tea table. “I had the
doctor write two prescriptions.”

And with that, she was gone, leaving with swift termination.

Ryan’s face flushed from indescribable rage as he seethed.

He gritted his teeth as he did his damndest to stop himself from having a breakdown, but there was no
doubt that it was a slap to his face!

He would never accept that Quinn would dump him to be with Sam… if anything, he was the one who
dumped Quinn!

“Ryan,” Lindsay finally spoke amid the silence.

Ryan quickly composed himself, once again the kind, mature, and understanding child-the child
everyone envied -as he stood before Lindsay.

“Sorry that I woke you up, Mom,” he said. “I didn’t think

Quinn would be that stubborn.”

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