Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1356

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Lindsay took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Her husband was still in the ICU-she could not afford to be admitted too.

Taking a moment to calm down, she said, “Ryan, don’t jump to conclusions before you see the full
picture. Do you know what Quinn faced at that wedding, all alone? The whole city was ready to mock
her—sure, you could say that we should prioritize her life’s happiness over contempt. However, Quinn
would rather have someone save her at that time and finish that wedding when she was alone and
helpless. She’s not as brave as you think, and she only refrains from crying or throwing tantrums
because she doesn’t want to cause trouble for us. If you really know how she feels, you’d know that
she needs love and yearns to be protected after her parents’ deaths. She’s afraid of being alone and

Even so, Ryan’s eyes were red with rage and obstinacy—he and Quinn loved each other in the first
place and that should be the way it was for the rest of their lives!

No one gets to interfere with two people who love each other, but that was not the case for marriage!

Nonetheless, Lindsay continued slowly and clearly, “I also spoke to Quinn after the wedding, telling her
that the wedding would not count if that was what she wanted. Her answer then was that marriage isn’t
a game-that she’s Sam’s wife. So, instead of saying that Quinn developed

feelings for Sam after marrying him and abandoned you, it’s more appropriate to say that Quinn
acknowledged Sam as her husband when they walked down the aisle.”

Ryan stayed silent-he refused to acknowledge what his mother said, let alone accept it!

Quinn was his, and she always would be!

“Think about it.” At that point, Lindsay did not want to press the issue-she could only hope that Ryan

It was an unchanging rule that what all attachments feared was abandonment.

And even if one hoped to understand, others would refuse even with the most legitimate of reason-
because the damage was already done.

Quinn returned home with the medicine.

She wanted to call Sam after leaving the hospital, but she realized that he would refuse to answer
because of his usual stubbornness, and he would never tell her where he was anyway.

In fact, he might even hide from her out of pettiness.

As such, she should head home right away in the chance that he was there.

Actually, she scarcely dared to hope even as she opened Sam’s bedroom door-he never liked coming
back anyway.

However, she held her breath and looked to find Sam standing before the glass wall, smoking a

The entire room smelled like tobacco too.

Although Quinn did not like the smell, nothing seemed to matter when she saw him…

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