Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1358

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Sam was worried that Quinn would start crying if he said no, while she said, “I promise to leave once
I’m done.”

At the same time, she tugged at his hand and shook it adorably.

‘Damn it, when did she learn how to play up her cuteness?’ And doesn’t she get embarrassed, being as
old as she is?’

Sam turned and sat on the couch quietly, though his silence made it clear that he gave in.

Quinn chuckled-so the soft approach worked on him.

She walked toward him and took the ointment, applying iodine on his bruised eye with a cotton swab.

Still, seeing it again made her giggle, and he promptly snapped, “Laugh again and I’m throwing you

Quinn bit her lip-fine, she could stop laughing for once.

“Close your eyes,” she told him just then.


“What if I get the iodine in your eyes?”

“Then don’t laugh,” Sam growled.

“I won’t,” Quinn promised, though she could not resist smiling when he actually closed his eyes.

She had never seen him letting someone land a punch on him even as a child, and yet he ended up
bruised like this.

Still, remembering that she was the reason Ryan managed to hit his face, she tended to him solemnly,
gently disinfecting and rubbing ointment around his bruised eye.

They were quiet and close, so they could hear each other’s breathing.

It took a while, but just as she was about to tell him to open his eyes, she suddenly paused as she
stared at his face.

She had never looked at him from this close—as a child, she would avoid looking at him since she
always believed that he disliked her.

Even so, seeing him from up close now, she realized that every part of his face was flawless.

His brows were sharp, the line of his eyes were long and narrow, his nose was straight and
pronounced… and those perfect lips.

He was pursing his lips a little impatiently just then, and Quinn gulped unwittingly.

His lips seemed to bewitch her, drawing her nearer without her knowing… It was not until she kissed
him that she realized what she had done.

Startled, she pulled away, but he caught the back of her head just as she did and firmly pulled her back
for a more passionate kiss.

Quinn actually felt a little overwhelmed-she might have initiated the kiss, but she was already flustered!

At the same time, Sam started panting heavily as he pinned her under herself on the couch, kissing her
until she was out of breath.

Quinn wrapped her hands around him in turn, wondering if she had imagined it… Somehow, his body
was so hot as if he had a fever.

His body and muscles were exceedingly stiff as well, and there was no telling how long had passed as
the entire room seemed to heat up.

As Sam slowly pulled away and she looked into his eyes, her body seemed to feel strange as the
desire lurking just beneath her eyes seemed to erupt just then.

She really wanted to go further…

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