Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1359

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The room’s temperature seemed to be rising, and Quinn could not think as she was in a daze.

She leaned in toward Sam again, wanting another kiss, and more…

However, he suddenly moved, and she missed, kissing just the corner of his lips.

Even so, her eyes remain dewy with desire for him.

Sam gulped in turn, afraid to look at her just then. Heaven knows how seductive she was!

He got off her, even if he wanted nothing less than to let her tenderness consume him whole…

“Sam?” she called out to him, her confused voice soft like a kitten’s purr.

She could clearly feel that he was reacting to her, and they were just about to get down to business.

Why did he suddenly back off?

Did she make a mistake?

Did he not like her taking the lead?!

But he did not push her away when she kissed him-in fact, he was reveling in it! Why did he suddenly
lose interest?

Was she not attractive enough, or was her technique that terrible?

When they kissed, she was basically just taking it, and she did not know how to respond to his

But she really liked it.

She liked him kissing her, taking the lead as he took her to a realm she had never been to before…

Nonetheless, Sam repressed his desire and growled, “Go back to your room.”

“Why?” Quinn asked. ’Weren’t we doing just fine?”

“I suddenly don’t want to do it,” Sam said coolly.

“But your body…”

“My heart refuses.”

“Why?” Quinn was genuinely confused and was intent to find the reason so that she could change.

“Stop asking questions!” Sam snapped, his voice getting louder as his temper flared. “I just don’t want
to do it, get it?!”

“But that’s not what your face says,” Quinn pointed out.

Sam had to take a deep breath or she would kill him right then!

It took him so much to control himself, and she was still trying to challenge him?

And why was she always so calm?! Any other woman who was rejected at this stage would be
storming out of the door, but she was somehow the exception!

Was she really not going to regret it? Ryan was clear that he wanted to start over, and she just had to
say yes and balance would be restored to the universe.

Why waste time on him? In the end, he was just a cannon fodder wherever Ryan existed, as it had
been for years.

He had long since given in, which was why he was refusing to take advantage of Quinn.

How could he put it… this was her getting petty with him, no? She was offering to build something with
him out of feelings of pettiness, and she would inevitably regret it when she realized that he really fell
short when compared to Ryan.

“Sam.” Quinn got off the couch and walked up to him, and Sam basically leapt away, keeping his

Quinn watched him do so, feeling a little hurt—did he hate her that much?!

Was their intimacy just now merely an illusion?

There was no hiding the hurt in her eyes just then…

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