Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1362

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However, Quinn was still young, and most of the elders in Saunderia-especially the board members—
had no confidence in her.

As such, she could not keep the company in line. She might even get harassed while her every move
would be impeded.

Marvin could therefore anticipate that Saunderia had collapsed into a mess internally by now because
he was the only one who could keep things together.

Til go with Quinn,” Sam suddenly said.

Everyone was left stunned, while Quinn turned toward Sam in surprise.

“You wanted me to work, didn’t you? That’s what I’ll do right now,” Sam told Marvin. “It’s a one-time
offer-you either stay down and rest and let me and Quinn handle the company’s situation. Or you can
go back to your office right now, but in that case, don’t ever hope that I’ll ever set foot in Saunderia.”

Marvin was hesitant, just as he doubted Sam’s ability to handle the company’s situation. In fact, Marvin
himself only went to work every other day, so there was no way he had the confidence Sam was up to

However, there was no question that this was a chance for Sam to shape up-Marvin would not have to
worry about being heirless if he agreed to keep the company together…

Nonetheless, Ryan scoffed just then. “What’s the point?

You’ve never worked, and you’re saying you can handle a crisis? Over thirty and none of the maturity
to show for it…”

“I am immature and I don’t have what it takes.” Sam shrugged even as he admitted to it. “But I’m willing
to shoulder the responsibility and work just so our father can recover with peace of mind. But what
about you? Are you willing to give up on your work and help Dad?”

“Giving up on my work?! When you’re the one constantly goofing off?!” Ryan bellowed. “Do you think
we’re the same?! My work contributes to the nation!”

“No, we’re not—but somehow, neither of us contribute anything to the family business,” Sam said

While Ryan was left unable to speak, Sam continued, “And since you’re saying that it’s pointless for me
to work, you could go instead.”

“What?!” Ryan snapped, but it was only natural that he refused his current work.

After all, it made his existence more valuable, and he would feel superior to those money-grubbing
business people around him.

“Why give me crap when you’re refusing?” Sam sneered just then.

“Because you’re being nonsensical,” Ryan told him, his contempt for his younger brother having taken
root long ago. “You’d never solve anything, and Dad would never be

relieved even if you do it. It’s far better to come up with something else.”

“Why wouldn’t I solve anything?” Sam retorted.

“What, are you some prodigy who excels without learning?!” Ryan snorted.

“I’m not, and I can admit that I don’t know a thing about running a company-but what I have is friends,”
Sam said slowly and clearly. “Everyone here knows John Levine, no? He’s like a brother to me, and the

question is: do you think he can resolve the issue if I ask for his help?”

Marvin became obviously excited at Sam’s words.

He certainly did not believe in Sam’s ability to resolve Saunderia’s crisis, but he and everyone in North
City knew about John’s business acumen. Even those of the older generation deferred to the man’s

And if that man was helping…

“Dream on!” Ryan scoffed just then. “John Levine might hang out with you on occasion, but personal
profit is involved here. You really are naive if you think all businessmen are earnest!”

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