Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1364

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At the same time, if Sam ever said anything, he would never go about it half-baked.
Naturally, Quinn did not want to pressure him either.
As they arrived at the Saunderia headquarters, Sam alighted after preparing himself mentally and went
in with Quinn.
Every employee who passed them would greet them as soon as they saw them. “Mr. Sam. Ms.
Though Sam felt a little awkward, he did not want to show it.
As such, his visage appears haughty. He also appeared especially intimidating if he did not smile, all
the more because of his tall figure.
Still, that was fine-Quinn believed he could take the time to change that.
“Let’s just get the details on the ongoing crisis and come up with a solution for now,” she said. “I just
called Peter Lang, your dad’s assistant. He’s coming right now to brief us.”
“Okay,” Sam said, already behind his desk as he whipped out a mirror to check his right eye repeatedly.
Soon, there was a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
Peter entered and greeted Quinn right away, “Ms. Summer.”
He then spotted Sam and greeted him politely in turn. “Mr. Sam.”
Sam nodded, and Peter started briefing Quinn without delay.
“The issue is a new project with automobiles powered by new energy under our independent brand.
However, it kept getting mothballed because we lacked the technology-to make up for the losses and
attempt to complete the project sooner, we recruited famous researchers from abroad and finally had
the technology. We wanted to make a killing in the market, only for one of the researchers to be
exposed for bearing fake certifications, and questions quickly surfaced regarding the reliability of our

technology. As online sentiment grew against us, sales for the new cars we developed stagnated. With
most of Saunderia’s capital being betted on those cars, it caused a severance in capital flow, and our
other business were affected as well. The banks we’re contacting are refusing to give us loans as well,
which led to Mr. Saunders being taken ill…”
“Are there any developments in the situation?” Quinn asked. ’ What’s the worst case scenario should
sales keep stagnating?”
Sam was paying Peter full attention as well, even if the other man completely ignored him, seemingly
convinced he was not here to work.
“We have a fifty million dollar deficit in capital, and as mentioned, most banks are denying us loans with
various excuses. Even the banks we have close ties with have only offered loans of up to a million out
of respect for Mr.
Saunders, and that’s not going to help at all. If the severance in capital continues without improving,
Saunderia would last only another month at best before facing bankruptcy.”
Quinn’s expression changed, and she turned to see Sam stiffening as well.
She could understand then why Marvin would want to return to work even if it killed him-the situation
was so dire that it shocked even Quinn herself.
And here she thought it was some usual management issue
“What’s the board’s reaction to the issue?” she asked.
“The board is a mess in the board chairman’s absence,” Peter said anxiously. “How is he now? Has he
woken up? When can he come?”
“He’s awake,” Quinn replied. “However, the doctor forbade him from leaving the hospital because he’s
still in bad shape. Given his condition, he must stay at least two weeks for rest and observation.”
‘ Then what are we supposed to do?! The company’s in a precarious position right now…”

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