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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The former top heiress of North City was getting married, despite her reputation that was left in tatters
for her alleged debauchery.Naturally, high society was left in an uproar once word got out.…Cordy
Sachs, who was dressed in a Franconia designer wedding dress, was looking at the reflection of her
dazzling, beautiful face in the mirror.After dating Kyle Wickham for three years, they were finally tying
the knot—he still loved her even though everyone was trying to put her down.Smiling expectantly with
tears welling in her eyes, she reared her chin slightly as she lifted her skirt and started toward the
door… only for rolling wisps of smoke to seep through the slit around the door, creeping into the
washroom impatiently as if looking for an outlet.A fire?!Cordy’s face fell. Pinching her nose as she
stepped outside, she found the banquet hall that had been exceedingly lively a second ago now
empty.There was only the thick smoke and fire that seemed bent on consuming everything.She did not
hesitate to head toward the location of the exit in her memory, but she would be lying if she said she
was not afraid of the rolling smoke and the blinding flames.That was when a man suddenly charged
inside the hall.It was Cordy’s fiance, Kyle Jessop. Seemingly seeing salvation, she cried out as she
coughed and spluttered, “Kyle, I’m here…”Kyle, however, ignored her as he looked around
anxiously.Then, pausing for a moment as if finding his target, he did not hesitate to run in the opposite
direction from Cordy, even though every second counted.Then, as Cordy looked on, he picked up
another woman who had been caught within the hall like Cordy and hurried outside.“I knew you would
come for me, Kyle…” Cordy could clearly hear the woman’s enfeebled voice, at once tender and
aggrieved. “I was so afraid…”Cordy abruptly felt as if she was bludgeoned, her vision blacking out as
she felt a dull pain over her chest.The voice belonged to her stepsister, Noel Sachs.And Kyle would put
everything on the line to save Noel, but not her!Her heart was in pieces as if sliced through by a razor
blade, and it was a suffocation more lethal than the smoke around her!Even as she was rendered
speechless, the glass chandelier overhead suddenly came crashing down!Clang!It landed in front of
Cordy, cutting off her escape even as she dropped to the floor, her soul seemingly displaced.Kyle
turned around just then and saw Cordy falling behind him—but he never stopped.When Cordy looked

up again, he had already dashed out of the hall without a care with the other woman in his arms.She
was on the verge of death, but she could still clearly hear him tenderly assuring Noel, “It’s alright. I’m
here now.”‘I’m here now…’Cordy blinked even as violent heat surrounded her but she felt utterly cold
inside.She could only watch as that familiar figure slowly disappeared from sight.…Cordy managed to
survive—amid her despair, the firefighters arrived just in time and rescued her.However, she had
inhaled too much smoke and suffered blunt trauma on her right leg—she was unconscious when they
got her out, and they rushed her to the hospital right after.It was not until the next morning that she
woke up.There was a gentle breeze in the air—it was a beautiful early summer day in North City and a
ray of sunshine landed on her pale, frail cheeks and her long, thick eyelashes.She was looking coolly
out at the blue sky and the clouds above. Her calm visage showed no emotion, and she was so still she
could well still be unconscious.She did not realize that someone had suddenly opened the door to her
ward, and she turned to find her father, stepmother, and Noel in the room already.“Are you alright,
Cordy?” Noel asked tearfully.All Cordy could think about right then was the sight of Kyle saving Noel.
She averted her eyes from them.“You’re always so rude! Don’t you see that your sister cares about
you?” her father, Simon Sachs, snapped right then. On the other hand, Cordy’s stepmother, Sue
Yorkman, could see that Cordy did not want to talk. Sue quickly told him, “Simon, Cordy is just a child.
We have more important matters anyway.”Simon did not want to waste his breath with Cordy either,
and said right away, “You probably know by now, but Noel’s the one Kyle actually loves, and it’s a lucky
coincidence that the wedding was disrupted. So give them your blessing and announce the annulment
of your engagement with Kyle.”Cordy laughed despite her fury and she asked Simon, “Why?”“Because
they love each other,” Simon said with utter conviction. “You’d already dragged our family’s name
through the mud when you had a child out of wedlock! All of North City knows that, and did you really
think the Jessops would accept someone with such a questionable past? They are giving you a way
out, so take it!”Cordy’s questionable past went as far as she was eighteen.Noel had tricked Cordy to
show up at a bar, where she was drugged and ended up waking up in the bed of a man she did not
recognize.She was so distraught she did not even look at the man before running away, and she was
too young to understand contraceptives. In fact, she was already five months pregnant before she

realized what was happening, and Noel had sent the paparazzi after her when she tried to get to the
abortion despite her pain.That was how Cordy ended up being the biggest laughing stock of North
City.Things went from bad to worse when the doctor told her that she could not get an abortion for
health reasons, and she therefore kept the child. She eventually came to accept it, only for it to come
out stillborn… but in her anguish, when she needed comfort the most, Simon ruthlessly sent her
abroad, leaving her to her own devices and without a word of concern for seven years.In fact, he never
asked after her although she just escaped death, but he was already telling her to give up on Kyle
because of his precious Noel?!How cold could a father be that he could tell her something so cruel, to
rip open her old scars and draw blood?“I guess being a mistress runs in the family,” Cordy said with a
sneer. “Drag the family’s name through the mud? You already did when you married your mistress
while my mother’s body was still warm, and the child you had with her is somehow just half a year
younger than me. No one else would dare claim the throne of infamy in this city when you’re
around!”“Cordy…” Simon growled, infuriated.On the other hand, Noel and Sue were humiliated by her
contempt.Not in the mood to continue arguing with her so-called family, Cordy snapped, “If the Jessops
really refuse to have me, have Kyle himself tell me himself! You have no reason to be here, so leave
before I call the cops! What more do I have to get embarrassed about, right?” Simon knew very well
that Cordy was just delicate on the surface like her mother. Her stubbornness and unreasonable nature
was ingrained in her very bones, and if they really upset her, no one was going to stop her!“Don’t make
me send you abroad again, Cordy Sachs!” he barked before turning to leave, with Noel and Sue
naturally hurrying off after him.However, Cordy scoffed at Simon’s threat—did he think she was still her
old self from seven years ago, allowing him to do anything he wanted with her?She would not allow
anyone to walk over her and her life from now on!“Mommy?” A small, crisp voice brought Cordy to her
senses just then…

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