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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

“Reserved?” Noel exclaimed in shock. “It’s only 6 PM! Has there been a mistake there?”“There isn’t.
I’m afraid I would have to ask you to leave.”“Why? We haven’t finished our food!” Mandy snapped—
ever self-important, this naturally left her furious.“There’s no reason in particular. You’re just not
welcome in this premises.”“Don’t you know who I am?!”“No, I don’t,” the waiter replied plainly.“You don’t
know who Mandy is? She’s a top star and the heiress to Jessop Ventures.” Noel name-dropped beside
them.“Oh,” the waiter said, but he remained cold as ever. “This way please, Ms. Jessop.”Mandy and
Noel were both left gritting their teeth in rage, but just as they got to their feet to leave, they suddenly
saw Cordy sitting at the next table.What was she doing there?!They soon noticed the man and child
with Cordy as well.Despite her pride, Mandy was instantly bewitched by John’s sheer beauty.She was
left wondering when someone that handsome existed in North City—not even the top stars in showbiz
could match him!Noel came to her senses then and called out, “Sis?”Cordy simply ignored her.Noel
turned to John then. She was likewise bewitched, but also jealous that Cordy could get himself such a
beautiful man.Not even Kyle was anywhere near that good-looking!Aggrieved, she then remembered
something at the next second and quickly said, “That’s the firefighter you fell for, right?!”Beside her,
Mandy was immediately disappointed.It was not surprising that she had never met him before—he was
completely beneath them.Turning toward Richard then, Noel continued, “That’s his son, right? You just
broke up with Kyle and you’re already got yourself a man on the rebound… Or could it be that you want
to get back at Kyle? Please, you shouldn’t be mean to yourself, getting a man with a kid!”Richard
furrowed his little brows hostilely at Noel, who was pretending to be kind as she continued to mock
Cordy.She was intent on driving a wedge between John and Cordy by telling him that he was just the
backup lover. “Also, you actually brought him here? It costs several grand to eat here at any time, you
know!”Cordy suddenly sprang to her feet.She leveled an icy glare at Noel, but she did not actually want
to retort.She did not want to throw a fit—at least not in front of Richard—but she could not stand Noel’s
escalating behavior.Gently putting her hands over Richard’s ears, she snapped coolly, “Word of advice:
you should cease that despicable behavior of yours. Do you really think that everyone is like you,

preferring second-hand goods like Kyle Jessop? He can’t even keep it in his pants, so why would I get
sad or want payback for someone like him?! The instant I dumped him, he’s nothing to me!”“You b…”
Noel’s face turned pale from Cordy’s retort.That was when Mandy coolly butted in, “Oh, you’re just
being sour grapes!”Cordy turned to Mandy and the latter met her gaze without flinching. “That’s what
you are. Everyone in North City knows what you’re really like! I guess it is what it is… My brother
dumped you and you deserve to be with a man like him!”She glanced at John as she spoke—even if he
was not from the dregs of society, he had a child too!Mandy had certainly given up on him. She would
never sink so low to become the sugar mommy of a man like him!Nonetheless, John’s eyes narrowed
and he barked, “A man like me?!”His deep voice sent chills down the spine—both Noel and Mandy
gasped, their hearts skipping a beat right then.Mandy was left biting her lip, afraid to say what was on
her mind.Noel was cowed too.“Whatever I am, it isn’t up to you to criticize!” John continued darkly. “You
want to know what’s between me and Cordy? Fine! I like her and I’m wooing her, so if there’s anyone
affecting our relationship, I shall make them suffer. This is not a statement—it’s a threat!” When he was
finished, he gave the waiter a look, who hurried toward them and told Mandy and Noel icily, “This way,
please.”Noel and Mandy were still left petrified by John’s outburst and it took them a long while to
recover.Once they did, Mandy snapped, “Why aren’t they leaving?!”Why were they the only ones who
had to leave?“Because it’s just the two of you who need to leave.”Incensed, Mandy bellowed, “I am the
fiance of John Levine, CEO of Levine Ventures! How dare you chase me out?!”The waiter was actually
left stunned for an instant, but he was soon staring at her as if she was an idiot.“Now buzz off!” Mandy
demanded.However, the waiter simply replied coolly, “I’m going to have to call security if you insist on
staying.”“You little…!” Mandy’s face was flushed with rage.“It’s alright, Mandy. Let’s go,” Noel pulled her
along then—she did not want to make a scene, but she threw a jibe regardless. “We won’t be coming
again next time. ”“There won’t be a next time, I’m afraid. Both of you have been blacklisted.”Mandy was
left bristling.Seeing that Mandy was going to lose control, Noel quickly stopped her. “There might be
paparazzi nearby. Just bear with it—we’ll get back at them soon enough.”Mandy was worried that
someone watching would try to make a story out of this, which would in turn hurt her reputation.As
such, she had to leave with Noel, albeit furiously. Quietness returned to the restaurant once they were

gone, and things were back to normal at the table.Seeing that Richard was not good with a knife, Cordy
cut her steak into tiny pieces and traded it for his steak.“Thanks, Mommy.” Richard happily got to his
little feet and gave her a peck on the cheek.As John looked up, he saw the adoring smile on Cordy’s
face.She lowered her eyes again to cut her steak… only for a big hand to take her entire plate
away.Cordy did a double take until she saw John swapping his steak with hers—he had already cut it
up too.Pursing her lips, Cordy slowly said, “Thank you.”“You could convey your gratitude with action,”
John said, his gaze lowered as he slowly cut his steak with elegance.Cordy actually was confused right
then. How poor were Kyle and Noel’s judgment that they would believe that John was a mere
firefighter?“Like Dicky did,” John added just then.Cordy certainly knew what he was getting at. She
said, “I know. I cut Dicky’s steak for him, and you did it for me. But it’s just good manners.”John smiled
vaguely and quietly said, “I guess.”After the main course, Richard happily proceeded to dessert,
vehemently introducing, “You have to try this parfait, Mommy. It’s great!”Unable to refuse him, Cordy
leaned in to take a bite.“Isn’t it sweet?”“Yeah.”“Really?” John suddenly asked. He had been poring
over his phone as if busy with something, and he chimed in when he heard them, “Let me try it
too.”Richard frowned—his daddy never usually ate anything sweet, but he tamely scooped a spoonful
and fed it to him.Cordy would have liked to tell Richard to use another spoon, but she decided against
it.After that, it would mean she and John shared an indirect kiss.While she pretended not to notice,
Richard asked John after feeding him, “Isn’t it sweet, Daddy?”“It is.” John pursed his lips, suddenly
looking up at Cordy as he added, “It really is.”Cordy felt her cheeks turning warm for some reason,
having the feeling that John meant something else entirely.

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