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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


“I’m sorry I was late,” John said.

Cordy frowned, wondering if she was imagining it.

Somehow, this John was different from the usual John, who was more aloof.

Now, he seemed to feel emotions like humans do

Still, she wiggled against his hold, not sure what he was talking about.

“Did you get the wrong door? Let me go…”

Seemingly not feeling her resistance, John whispered into Cordy’s ear, “Now, I’ll always be here for

It sounded just like a promise.

“Look, just… ah!”

Cordy suddenly yelped as John abruptly scooped her up in his arms

Does he have some sort of fetish for carrying people?!

“You’d hurt your leg,” John said quietly into her ear just then.

Cordy was left speechless.

She actually thought that he was really drunk, but she somehow noticed her foot injury…

So, he was actually not drunk?!

Once that clicked, Cordy did not wait another moment and she started to struggle violently!

While John was not drunk, his body still felt a little floaty. Carrying her was no issue, but it was
strenuous carrying her while she flailed around.

“Stop,” he said with restraint, but threateningly nonetheless.

“Let me down. I can walk on my own,” Cordy protested nonetheless.

She disliked being this intimate-and did he not assure before that he was not the type who messed


Naturally, she could not care less about what he said and she continued to struggle against his hold.

It certainly took John considerable difficulty to carry Cordy into her room, but just as he glimpsed her
bed, she shoved him so firmly that he stumbled.

“Ah!” Cordy yelled again, left feeling dizzy as they fell on her bed.

The man before her was like concrete-she could not make him budge or get away from her at all.

John growled threateningly then, “Please don’t test my patience, Ms. Sachs.”

He was trying to catch his breath, and there was an indescribable stress in his voice.

Cordy finally settled down

In the end, adults could always get the hint

“Finally stopping, huh?” John said, watching her as she stayed quiet in his arms.

There was an almost imperceptible blush on her fair cheeks, and he wondered if he should be happy

about that.

Still, he could not even come up with an excuse to tease her now.

“Let me go.” Cordy protested again.

“Just let me have a breather,” John said quietly.

Catching the hint, Cordy bit her lip and stopped moving.

John took a few deep breaths before getting off Cordy.

The room seemed to be rife with hormones by then, and the temperature looked like it would only rise
instead of fall.

Cordy flipped around, and reached for the remote for her air conditioning from her bedside drawer.
“Achoo!” John sneezed-it was just early spring, and the nights were still cold.

And with the burst of cold air from the air conditioner, he felt his stomach churning after drinking so

Clutching his mouth, he asked Cordy, “Where’s the washroom?”

Cordy pointed to the right and John promptly rushed toward it, and she soon heard unrestrained puking
Cordy was left stumped. Did she make him vomit?!

However, the washroom soon turned quiet, but John never emerged.

Cordy quickly got out of bed-it was in the news just days ago that someone drank themselves to death,
and she did not need a dead body in her house!

And yet, she had just reached the doorway when she heard the toilet flushing, while John turned
toward her when he heard the door open….

He was just taking a leak.

As their eyes met, Cordy blinked and quietly shut the door.

John looked down, measuring himself just then.

Was it really that insignificant?!

Still, he stepped out after a while and explained, “I needed to go urgently.”

“Yeah,” Cordy said, before adding sternly, “See you, Mr. Levein.”

John wanted to speak further, but eventually decided to stay silent and leave, closing her front door
behind himself.

Cordy did not watch him leave.

Her hands were clenched into fists for a long while before she eased up.

She needed eye bleach. And it would take up to a month to clean it off!

Cordy woke up the next morning with dark circles under her eyes.

She had always been vulnerable to insomnia, and it was worse last night after John woke her up in the

middle of the night.

Still, she did a double take just as she opened the door-John was working in her kitchen, her pink
apron tied around his waist.

Noticing that she was awake, he calmly greeted her. “Mornin’.”

Cordy wondered if she was still asleep just then!

She was left staring even as John lay a scrumptious breakfast on the table, asking. “Try it. See if it’s to
your taste

“Why are you still here?” she asked as she came to her senses, her tone unhappy

“I’ll be going right now,” John replied as if it was only natural before taking off the apron to put on his
wrinkled suit.

At the door, he stopped and said, “Please enjoy your breakfast. It’s to make up for last night.”

With that, he was gone, leaving Cordy feeling more than slightly annoyed.

It had been a while since she lost it at anyone but John was really being so casual around her!
Nonetheless, she ate it anyway since she did not want to waste anything.

After breakfast, Cordy left her house-she was going to Jessop Corp, since there were things to be
settled. However, she just got outside her apartment block when a man approached her, greeting her
respectfully “Good morning, Ms. Sachs. I’m Walter-Mr Levine sent me to be your chauffeur”

Cordy could not say anything, and she got into the car with him.

When they arrived and she alighted, Walter handed her a business card. “My number is on it, Ms.
Sachs. You can call me anytime you need a ride-Mr Levine told me that I’ll be your full-time chauffeur
starting today

Cordy was speechless again. Would she even get to refuse?

Still, she took the business card and entered the building, her appearance drawing everyone stares

She remained uninterested as she limped on her crutches to the elevator, and everyone above floor
was staring at her too.

She simply headed straight to her office and opened the door to find Noel in her seat, kissing Kyle as
he sat at her desk

She did a double take then, and finally understood why everyone was looking at her funny.

Although her wedding with Kyle had been called off because of that fire, they never announced their
break up… because Noel had already taken her place!

Naturally, Cordy interrupted them when she opened the door, and Kyle glowered right then. “Why didn’t
you knock-

Before he could finish, his face fell when he saw Cordy.

At the same time, Noel panicky hid behind Kyle, looking just like a victim as if fearful Cordy would run
at her and hit her.

She was certainly quite pretentious .

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