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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Did ‘good‘ mean that it was acceptable, or did it mean something else?

Still, Cordy was going to ask a store assistant to pack it up when another store assistant arrived with a
breathtaking gown.

Mandy’s eyes lit up, and she promptly intercepted the store assistant as she exclaimed, “I’ll try that one

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jessop, but this one is reserved for Ms. Sachs.” The store assistant apologized.

“Why? I saw it first, and that makes it mine! I’ll try it right now!” Mandy snapped bossily, snatching it off t
he store assistant’s hand before she could agree to it.

Mandy held it over herself, measuring it–
they had been shopping for a while, but this was the only gown that suited her taste.

“It’s so beautiful.” Noel fawned over it, feeling jealous because she had her eyes on it too.

“I’m sorry. Ms. Jessop, but this is tailored made for Ms. Cordy Sachs-”

“How much is it?! Mandy refused to hear a word of it. “I’ll buy it right now!”

“It’s not about the money-

“I’ll make a complaint, believe it!” Mandy threatened her viciously

Put on an awkward spot, the store assistant turned toward Cordy.

In reality, Cordy was a little surprised since she did not order anything.

Still, she soon realized with a start and felt an indescribable feeling just then.

John was making a habit of surprising her

“Here’s my card!” Mandy snapped, flashing her VIP card loftily at the store assistant.

“It’s tailor made according to Ms. Cordy’s measurements The store assistant tried to reason with her ag
ain. “It’s especially narrow on the waist. It doesn’t fit you-”

“Are you doubting me?!” Mandy was fuming. “I’ll try it right now!”

As she spoke, she carried the gown to the fitting room.

That was when Cordy recovered from her shock and snapped,
“Aren’t you being unreasonable here, Mandy?! How many times does she have to tell you that it’s mine

“It’s in this boutique, and whoever sees it first gets it!” Mandy retorted, stubborn and bent on taking the
gown for herself.

“Ms. Jessop-”

Cordy stopped the store assistant then, and she told Mandy. “Why don’t we make a bet?”

“What bet?”

“If you can put it on, Ms. Jessop, you can have it for free.”

“Hah!” Mandy snorted in disdain. “You give yourself too much credit, Cordy Sachs!”

Cordy simply continued to provoke her “If you can’t put it on, you’ll have to pay for it. How about that?”

“We’ll see Mandy certainly thought nothing of Cordy. She would never believe that her waist was not as

thin as Cordy’s–not after all those diets and physical regiments she put herself through!

“Then try it, Ms. Jessop.”

Mandy smugly strode to the fitting room with the gown, and then tried to put it on with a store assistant’s

Her face fell, and she snapped at the store assistant, “Pull harder!”

“That’s the best I can do. It will snap if I keep pulling!”

Mandy shot the store assistant a glare, convinced that the store assistant was sabotaging her.

She called outside, “Noel! Come in for a moment!”

Noel quickly entered, and she saw Mandy’s face flushed even as she tried to squeeze herself into that


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