Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Noel took the zipper and pulled as hard as she could

Mandy inhaled as much as she could in turn, but the zipper just would not go up whatever they did.

“It’s not going to work, Mandy,” Noel said helplessly and tiredly.

“No way! My waist is so thin!” It was just too much for Mandy.

She could not even imagine the contempt Cordy would show her if she could not put on the gown! She
was not about to suffer such ignominy!

“It won’t work. It will break if I keep pulling it.”

“Then break it! Just pull!”

“Cordy will know if it does break! She’ll definitely ask you to pay for it!”

“She’ll make me pay even if I don’t!” Mandy growled through her teeth.

Still, Noel was shrewd enough to think of a way around it. “Hold on just a minute. If you can’t put it on
when you’re this slim, Cordy wouldn’t be able to do it either. If neither of you can put it on, she has no
right to ask you to pay for it.”

Mandy paused for a moment, but soon realized that Noel was right. “Help me take it off.”


Having hatched the plan, both of them left the fitting room.

Cordy was sitting on a couch at the VIP corner and having a snack with Richard.

As she looked up, there was clearly a smile of contempt.

Mandy repressed her anger and challenged her, saying, “I can’t put it on, Cordy Sachs, but that doesn’t
mean you can either! Put it on-if it fits, I’ll buy it for you!”

Cordy said nothing but continued to munch on her chips. She then picked up her coffee, taking a large

Mandy was scowling

She had tried to inhale as much as she could but still could not wear it. And yet Cordy was still eating


Cordy wiped her lips then, and told Richard to be a good boy and wait outside while she entered the

fitting room.

Meanwhile, Kyle arrived at the boutique.

“Kyle.” Noel quickly walked up to him.

Mandy was surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I texted him,” Noel quickly said. “You were arguing with my sis, and I was worried you’d be tricked
since she was being so unreasonable-that’s why I called him.”

Mandy did not care for Cordy, but she had no reason to refuse Noel’s concern for herself.

Naturally, Noel did not actually worry about Mandy-she just wanted Kyle to see Cordy fighting with

Mandy, so that he would have even less reason to miss her.

That was when the curtains to the fitting room opened.

As everyone turned toward it, they were all left stunned.

Cordy had put on the white diamond-encrusted gown in its entirety. It fitted her perfectly that not an
inch. was loose or too tight, accentuating her voluptuous figure with such grace no one could take their

off her.

No! Impossible!

Mandy could not believe her eyes-or that Cordy looked so perfect and natural in it.

Noel could not believe it too.

Cordy was usually dressed in business attire. It made her appear serious and professional, but it hid
her figure too. Noel certainly did not expect her to have those devilish curves!

Kyle was entranced by Cordy too. Having never been intimate with her, he certainly did not know that
she was so perfect that no man could possibly resist her.

Noel had to tug on his arm to bring him to his senses, and he did his best to avert his eyes. “Mommy!
You’re so beautiful!” Richard exclaimed just then, saying what everyone was thinking.

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