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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Cordy was holding Richard’s hand as they arrived at the main entrance when a figure abruptly intercept
ed them, stopping them from leaving.

“What, regret paying up now?” Cordy narrowed her eyes at Kyle, who was panting.

“I’m not that petty,” he heaved. “I paid, and that’s that. My family won’t miss it that much.”

Cordy smiled–it was ironic since she was the reason his
family had that money, and she had worked for it with her life!

Still, Kyle suddenly ignored her jibe and directly said, “You never answered my calls or texts.”

“Did you forget your place-

“We can be friends even if we’ve broken up.”

“That’s what you believe,” Cordy said as she looked at him coolly. “You’re
already gone from my world. because I’d never befriend anyone as corrupt as you.”

“You don’t have to be like that-”

“What do you want?!” Cordy snapped, cutting him short impatiently.

Kyle took a deep breath, not wanting to fight her. “I just asked the store assistant. She said the boy’s tai
lcoat costs six figures.”

Naturally, he was talking about Richard, who was furrowing his little brow at Kyle in turn.

“And?” Cordy raised a brow.



“Even if you’ve taken control of Starstream
Group and the company is worth a lot, you’ll eventually be drained dry if you keep wasting your money!
I told you many times–
that firefighter is only after your money. Once all your money is gone, you’ll be nothing to him!”

Kyle was getting more agitated the more he spoke, but Cordy could not care less

“I told you, money can’t buy my love!” she snapped icily.
“And shove those crocodile tears. I won’t ever be tricked!”

With those words, Cordy turned to leave, still holding Richard’s hand.

“Cordy Sachs!” Kyle suddenly grabbed her wrist, leaving her frowning.

However, Kyle could hardly describe how frustrated he was–she certainly had strutted in his face too


He had limits to his patience too!

“Let me go!” Cordy snapped.

Kyle simply tightened his grip. “We used to love each other, and I’m still being nice. How could you not-

He suddenly yelped, his face falling.

Even Cordy was gaping as Richard suddenly bit Kyle on his hand, and he quickly flinched from the pain
, though there were already clear, gruesome teeth marks left on it.

“What are you doing?! Kyle snapped at the boy.

Richard’s face was contorting in babyish anger as he snapped back, “Bully my mommy again, and I’ll r
oll around on the floor saying you hit me. I’m a kid, I’m not afraid of losing face!”

Kyle glared at Dicky, but he was undoubtedly being threatened by a brat in public.

He was almost foaming in the mouth, but he had no way to vent!

“Let’s go, Mommy!” Richard held on tightly to Cordy’s hand, looking just like an adult as he shielded her.

Cordy felt warmth in her chest and she said mildly, “Okay, we have to hurry home now. You’re washing y

Kyle’s knuckles were coleching from Cordy’s

contempt. He yelled viciously at her from behind her, “You’ll regret this, Cordy Sachs! And don’t come lo

“Don’t worry,” Cordy retorted without looking back. “It’d never happen.”

Kyle’s glare was utterly sinister–he would see for himself how long her stubborn streak would last!

As they returned to their car, Cordy texted John because she was unsure if he was still in a meeting.

[We just left Radiant Globe. Where do I drop off Dicky?]

Once again, the reply was instantaneous.

[I’m working overtime. Babysit him for me.]

Honestly… How busy was he really?!

For the entire night?!]

[I’ll come by later to pick him up.] [Later? When?]

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