Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

The regal banquet hall was already crowded, as almost everyone in North City’s high society showed

Noel appeared utterly excited as she entered with Simon Sachs, Sue Yorkman, and Sonny Sachs.

When it came to an event organized by the Levines, the average enterprise would never make it in, just
as bigwigs would refuse to bring a child they did not like. As such, being able to show up here was a
status of one s status and importance.

It was the greatest honor!

“Noel!” Mandy was calling to her from a distance.

“Dad, I’m joining my friend now.”

“Go,” Simon told her, not forgetting to remind her, “Be careful. It’s not your usual banquet tonight-watch
your manners.”

“Don’t worry,” Sue assured him proudly. “Noel has been a good girl ever since she was a child.”

Simon nodded in pride as well, while Noel made her way toward Mandy.

Kyle was with Mandy, and he was surrounded by young, rich kids.

“Kyle,” Noel greeted him.

Kyle smiled at her in return, but he did not dare to get too intimate.

As long as he and Cordy did not formally announce their breakup, he and Noel must keep things quiet-
and their distance.

“Kyle, I’ve heard you met John Levine himself!” one of the rich kids suddenly said.

“I have,” Kyle replied.

“I guess you’re still the best among us.” The rich kid sighed. “I was refused immediately when I asked
to see him.”

“Me too,” another rich kid echoed. “I don’t even know what he looks like.”

“Can we ever compare to Kyle?” Yet another rich kid chimed in. “He brought Jessop Corp back to life,
all by himself. He’s an important man in North City, unlike us-we’d just roll over and die if our family
businesses go kaput.”

Everyone laughed-but the joke certainly flattered Kyle to kingdom come.

“Please introduce us when you see him later, Kyle. My dad insisted that I make his acquaintance,
saying that I should learn from you as a fellow youth.”

“Yeah, that’s right. We’re bros, aren’t we? Kyle would definitely introduce us.”

Kyle was left a little awkward then.

The last time he visited John, all he had was a distant sight of the man, let alone make his

However, having been flattered this much, he simply braced himself and agreed to it. “Alright. There
won’t be a problem if Mr. Levine is free.”


“That’s a promise!”

Things were lively as everyone tried to get a word in.

Meanwhile, Noel was listening in glee as everyone tried to curry Kyle’s favor.

Even among all those rich kids, Kyle was the most handsome, charismatic, and competent.

It was worth spending all those years trying to steal him from Cordy!

However, just as she relished in her inward elation, the entire hall suddenly turned silent and everyone.
was looking toward the entrance.

Noel turned too, and her smile stiffened the instant she saw who it was.

What was Cordy doing there?!

And she was wearing that diamond-encrusted gown, stealing the limelight with beauty and elegance
with her appearance at the banquet hall.

Mandy was certainly agitated, and there was grievance in her tone. “Noel! You said she wouldn’t show

After all, everyone was staring at Cordy-she clearly stole all attention!

“I” Noel tried to come up with an excuse. “But my dad didn’t bring her here, and Starstream Group is
too lowly to warrant an invitation from the Levines!”

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