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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Mandy suddenly had an idea. “Maybe she slipped in?”

Noel realized with a start-it was certainly a possibility.

Before the two of them could react, they saw Kyle heading straight toward Cordy

As for Cordy, she felt countless stares at her as she entered the banquet hall, but she remained calm
and composed until she saw Kyle

“What are you doing here?” he asked quietly.

“I don’t think you have a right to ask that,” Cordy asked. “This event is organized by the Levines, not
your family”

“The Sachs didn’t bring you here, and Starstream Group would never receive an invitation. How did
you get in?”

“So, you’re doubting me?”

“It’s embarrassing if you’re caught sneaking into a private banquet, Cordy!” Kyle snapped viciously.

Cordy was scowling from his harsh words, when he suddenly gave in and made a kind look.
“Whatever- just stay with me, and I’ll tell anyone who asked that I brought you in. To the public, we’re
still in a relationship, after all.”

As he spoke, he reached out to take her hand…

But she avoided him entirely.

Kyle’s face fell. “This is for your own good. I’m helping you.”

“I don’t need your help,” Cordy said, refusing him icily. “Let’s keep to ourselves.”

With that, she strode off as he looked on, his face contorting in rage in her wake.

Even so, his gaze lingered on her dazzling gown that accentuated her perfect figure and left her
beautiful beyond description.

“I can’t stand it,” Mandy growled as she saw the exchange between her brother and Cordy “He still

about her!”

Noel was certainly indignant too-they had already broken up, but Kyle still could not let go of Cordy?!

But she was not about to let Cordy take him back!

“Mandy,” Noel whispered into the other woman’s ear then. “Cordy sneaked in, so we can…”

Mandy listened to Noel’s plan and she smiled cunningly as well.

The pair hence headed to the entrance of the banquet hall.

Cordy stood at a corner of the banquet hall, taking sips from a glass of champagne she took.

She was also observing the highly civilized banquet with a gaze of aloofness.

They were all rich and powerful, and she had seen many of them in articles from financial magazines.

Naturally, she had met some when she courted backers to save Jessop Corp during its crisis, meeting
many of them in social calls despite the embarrassment.

She was quiet… until a uniformed attendant walked up to her.

Only her eyes turned toward him.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Sachs, but we have been informed that you were not actually invited to this banquet. If
possible, please present your invitation for verification.”

While the attendant was more or less respectful, his move drew everyone’s attention.

Everyone around Cordy was suddenly less than friendly.

“Someone actually sneaked in?! That’s despicable!” A woman scoffed.

“To think I lived long enough to see it,” someone added.

“What are you talking about? That’s Cordy Sachs! She’s capable of anything-I mean, haven’t you heard
what she did when she was eighteen?!”

“She’s used to it…”

Noel and Mandy were standing nearby, watching Cordy and wondering and enjoying every moment of
it. They shall see how miserable she ended up today!

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