Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 37

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Chapter 37


Cordy smiled in disdain and strode off as Noel and Mandy looked on.

Mandy almost screamed at the sight of her smugness.

“That’s enough!” Kyle snapped right then, his expression sinister as he placed all the blame on Mandy
Hadn’t you embarrassed yourself enough, messing around as much as you like? Don’t pick up her bad
manners, Noel.”

With that, he strode off angrily.

Mandy’s eyes were red.

Her own brother scolded her when it was Noel who suggested that they report Cordy!

She snapped viciously at Noel, “Why didn’t you defend me?!”

“1, I…” Noel looked utterly wounded. “Kyle left before I could say anything.”

As such, Mandy could only bear with the grievance and storm off

The interlude involving Cordy did not affect the banquet at all.

The rich and the powerful were all still busy socializing while waiting for the Levines to show up.

Just then, a group of men in black strode inside from the entrance.

Everyone turned toward the imposing new arrivals and the hall quickly turned silent.

After all, most who were present had never met John Levine in person. Even if they suspected that he

arrived, none were sure that he was.

Only Kyle alone walked up to the group of men in black.

“Mr. Levine,” he greeted Randy Martin as everyone looked on, offering a handshake as if it was only


Randy’s eyes widened slightly in turn, wondering what was wrong with Kyle.

He then turned toward his boss.

Kyle turned too, and his face fell right then..

The firefighter somehow sneaked in as a bodyguard, standing right beside John Levine himself?!

Still, John gave Randy a look.

Catching his cue, Randy shook Kyle’s hand.

Then, without a word, the men in black all left the crowd, heading straight into the VIP lounge behind
the banquet hall.

Once they were gone, the banquet hall was lively again.

At the same time, countless people were shooting envious gazes at Kyle, and some of the rich kids he
was close with quickly fawned over him.

“Don’t forget to give us a personal introduction to Mr. Levine later, Kyle”

“I think you’re the only one in this entire hall who knows the man!”

“Don’t forget your bros when you get in John’s good graces.”

Kyle appeared humble, but he could hardly hide the smugness he felt inside

Being the top businessman in North City, the Levines owned astonishing troves of wealth and were so
well-connected, and all of North City could not wait to ride his coattails.

To be the first to greet John Levine tonight was unquestionably an honor.

Once word of that got out, his net worth would skyrocket!

All that delight certainly mostly eased all the grief Cordy gave him.

Unable to resist glancing at Cordy just then, he made a way to her

As Cordy frowned, Kyle scoffed, “I didn’t think that a firefighter would manage to sneak up to John
Levine’s side.”

Cordy looked at Kyle like he was an idiot.

So he still did not get it? That the ‘firefighter’ was John Levine?

Even a dog could tell how imposing his presence was-though the metaphor was a little demeaning.

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