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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

So what if he did?” Kyle was still mocking Cordy “He’s still a dog!”

Cordy looked coolly at him but said nothing.

John suddenly stepped out of the lounge, and Cordy turned toward him.

Kyle saw him too, and his smirk was even broader as he watched the other man.

Kyle’s rich kids friends joined them just then, and they noticed the man beside ‘John Levine’ making his
way toward Kyle. Under the impression that he was passing a message to Kyle, they want to be a part
of it, while trying to make John’s acquaintance.

“Who is he, Kyle?” one of the rich kids asked-there was no question that the man carried a presence,
making them uncertain of his identity.

Kyle spared him a glance and said in disdain, “One of John’s bodyguards. He used to be a firefighter

“Really?” one of the rich kids exclaimed in surprise, even commenting. “They really make them too
handsome these days.”

“And what good is that?” Kyle snorted nonchalantly.

John simply shot Kyle a look before walking up to Cordy and telling her softly, “Dicky will soon be here
with my grandfather He had me pass a message that you must wait for him.”

“Okay” Cordy nodded.

“I’m a little busy, so I have to go.”

“Yeah.” Cordy naturally understood-being the host, he would naturally have to meet and greet many


The rich kids could not help being impressed even as they watched him leave. “Is he really just a

Even if he was, he probably was not as simple as he looked.

Just then, the banquet hall turned quiet again, as the main event finally arrived.

Everyone turned at once towards the entrance-the source of the commotion.

There, they saw Alan Levine in his wheelchair, surrounded by a large group of people even as he was
being wheeled in.

Every guest in the hall promptly approached him to greet him the instant they saw him, and Cordy did

as well

“Cordy Sachs Kyle stopped her, catching her wrist.

She frowned and shook him off as hard as she could.

“Know your place! Don’t embarrass yourself” Kyle snapped, clearly noticing that she was trying to

approach Alan as well. Only our elders or our elders’ elders get to greet him. When did you become so

“Even if I am unruly, it’s not up to you to straighten me out”

With that, Cordy left him behind, clenching his knuckles.

She was getting more conceited by the day!

However, Cordy clearly was not going to greet Alan.

She had spotted Richard, who was being surrounded by men in black and was clearly uncomfortable.

However, his eyes lit up the instant he saw his mommy and he quickly told Alan, “Great-Grandpa, I’m
hungry. I would like some cakes over there.”

Alan nodded, while shooting a look at his bodyguard to keep an eye on Richard.

Soon, Richard had squeezed his way through the crowd and promptly threw himself into Cordy’s arms.

As Cordy gently patted his little head, the bodyguard behind was surprised to see such a scene unfold,
but he did not dare to stop them.

“Mommy, can we have some cake?” “Okay!”

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