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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Mandy’s face turned green even as she glared at Zoe’s haughty figure.

What right did she have to attend the banquet tonight? Was she brought here to sing and dance for
Alan just because she took the role of that Windmill Pictures TV series?

Even if Mandy did not actually have any status in showbiz, she got to belittle others-even A-list stars
like Zoe-because of her family connections.

And Zoe must have taken the casting couch countless times over her long career. What right did she
have to mock Mandy?!

“Please show some dignity, Ms. Jessop,” Jay said, leaving without taking her note.

Mandy was shaking with rage-the banquet tonight certainly left her with a belly full of grievances!

Even Noel did not want to stand by Mandy’s side now. She was keeping her distance-not because she
was worried that she would upset Mandy, but because Mandy might embarrass her as well.

Thankfully, the emcee began to speak at that moment, signaling the commencement of the main event

Everyone seemed to gather towards the stage by instinct, just as a man in black arrived to escort
Richard away after he had a couple of cakes.

Meanwhile, the emcee made the opening speech in his sonorous, passionate voice

“Good evening, everyone. I’m James, your emcee for the night. Thank you for taking the time to attend.
this banquet, held in honor of our host Alan Levine’s seventieth birthday… Without further ado, let’s
offer a thunderous applause as he makes his grand entrance!”

The entire banquet hall applauded, with John wheeling Alan to center stage, while Richard stood
nearby. primly and properly.

All eyes were on them.

And no matter how lacking he had been, even Kyle’s face fell as he realized something was wrong.

“Seventy already? It’s just in the blink of an eye!” Alan spoke then.

His voice certainly reflected his age, but he was still brimming with vigor. “Well, since it’s my birthday,
it’s the perfect occasion to introduce everyone to my grandson, John. He will be staying in North City
from now on, so please offer him your support!”

In other words, he was saying that John would be taking charge of Levine Ventures from now on.

The emcee then passed the mic to John, who gazed upon everyone.

His composed charisma and his devastating good looks certainly made him appear lofty.

“Good evening. I’m John Levine.” His deep voice was certainly magnetic.

Kyle almost dropped to his knees right then.

He really was John Levine, the firefighter he had always belittled!

“Kyle? Didn’t you say that he’s a firefighter?” one of the rich kids asked, agitated.

“I knew it!” another rich kid quickly chimed in. “A bodyguard wouldn’t strut like that!” “Shit, I didn’t say
anything rude, did I?!”

There was a terrible look on Kyle’s face even as he remembered how he greeted that other man as
‘John Levine’ while everyone watched, and told so many of his friends that the real John was a

It felt like a vicious slap across his face, at once hurting and humiliating!

Every iota of dignity he carried in his life was lost in its entirety!

Naturally, Mandy and Noel were left in disbelief too, with both of them gaping at the firefighter who
suddenly became John Levine, head of Levine Ventures!

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