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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Cordy led Richard to a comer of the banquet hall, with his bodyguard in tow but keeping a distance

Ri, hard did not like him getting too close, after all

You brought hem here, sis? Noel exclaimed just then.

She was there with Mandy to get some desserts.

Though the debacle earlier left them infuriated, they calmed down after considerable effort only to run
into Cordy again.

Still, Cordy promptly growled a warning. “Noel Sachs, your father should have told you that you
shouldn’t embarrass yourself at this banquet. If you keep messing with me, I can’t guarantee I’ll keep
holding back from doing something outrageous!”

Noel’s face fell-she was definitely afraid to upset Cordy.

Mandy was not, but she left them, having seen Jay Parker arrive at the banquet hall just then.

He was the reason she came here tonight.

He was a famous director who worked under Windmill Pictures, a subsidiary of Levine Ventures, and
he was also directing the TV series which she was removed from. Naturally, a mere director would not
be allowed in this banquet as well, but Jay was an orphan whom Alan took under his wing, raising him

he was a child.

Alan naturally held him in high regard.

“Mr Parker,” Mandy greeted him.

Jay stared at her for a moment-they were naturally acquainted since they were both in showbiz.

“Ms. Jessop,” he replied politely.

“May I ask why my role was suddenly taken away?” Mandy went straight to the point.

“That’s an executive decision. I don’t know the details.”

“Aren’t you a shareholder of Windmill Pictures?”

“What I mean to say is that Levine Ventures made the call,” Jay explained.

“Levine Ventures? Mandy’s expression darkened, and she muttered, “So it really was Bob Davis’ fault?”

After all, Windmill Pictures had always been managed separately!

And the last time she interrogated Bob, the man kept denying it.

“Why don’t you ask the man himself?” Jay pointed behind her, where Bob and Sam Saunders had just
entered the banquet hall

Jay certainly did not want to deal with Mandy, just as the rest of their gang did not like such an
outrageously serious party However, they attended this party because it was an important day for John,
their tardiness notwithstanding.

“Mr Parker”

Even so, Mandy stopped him from leaving

There was impatience in Jay’s eyes, although it was not too obvious.

“I know your connection with Levine Ventures. I’m sure you can help me out even if it was Bob,” Mandy
said, suddenly stuffing a note in his hand. “That’s my number. I hope I can speak alone with you later.”

She was smiling at him with seductive charm, but Jay simply returned the note. “The TV series is
shooting tomorrow, Ms. Jessop. It’s all been decided, and I can’t do a thing.”

Mandy’s face fell.

She had been in showbiz for years, but she never had to rely on the casting couch thanks to her family
connections-although she was no saint when it came to her personal life either.

However, there was no question that she loved this role, and her ego could not take the fact that it was

stolen from her.

But even after she went this far, she only ended up rejected again?!

“I’m sorry,” Jay said as he tried to walk past her, but she caught his wrist.

As Jay frowned, Mandy pushed the note at him again. “Keep it. What if you happen upon some role
that fits me?”

That was when a slender figure appeared near them, clearly giggling with contempt.

Both of them turned to see Zoe York striding past them with a strut!

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