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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 41

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Chapter 41


How could John Levine be so handsome?!

And yet, Mandy and Noel had to believe it with the scene before them–the man who had constantly
shown up around Cordy was John Leveine!

It was not surprising now that she could behave with such conceit, and that she had an invitation

to the Levines‘ banquet here. John must have personally sent her invitation, too!

Even so, they could not accept it–that Cordy had anything to do with the king of North City!

Beside them, someone could not help exclaiming, “Wow! He’s not some middle–aged man with a

“He’s so gorgeous!”

“North City’s sexiest man alive. Has to be.”

“He’s more than what I could’ve imagined.”

“His son is so handsome too… He’s just like a fairytale princeling!”

The entire banquet hall erupted in a chorus of gasps and exclamations. They were all stunned and
bewitched by John, who was far too different from what they expected.

Cordy stood in the crowd, simply watching that towering, composed and noble man with chiseled. facial
features give his speech. His voice was resonant, deliberate yet restrained, but anyone. could feel that

indescribable weight being projected upon them from his words.

After all, no one could ignore such innate regality.

And once his short speech concluded, the hall once again erupted in thunderous applause.

Even Alan Levine, who was usually stoic, was beaming amid the applause.

John wheeled Alan off the stage after that and left him with his valet.

Then, as everyone watched, he made a beeline for Kyle, who was flushing up to his ears.

He almost collapsed when he saw John striding toward him, and he took a step back unwittingly.

At the same time, the entire hall was watching John’s every move–after ascertaining his identity, all
eyes were on his every move and word.

Soon, John was standing before Kyle, standing almost head and shoulders before the other man.

He held out a hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Jessop. I’m John Levine.”

Kyle’s face seemed to turn red and pale at the same time.

John greeting him would have been the greatest moment of his life–if he had not mistaken that other
man for John.

However, because he had deliberately showed off just now, this only left him in a soul–crushingly

awkward situation.

In fact, everyone around them was already looking at him with glee and disdain, which further
humiliated him.

Obviously, John did this on purpose.

John wanted to humiliate him.


Even so, Kyle eventually reached out, but John withdrew his hand before Kyle reached his fingers,
leaving Kyle’s hand hanging in the air.

John merely smiled coolly as he said, “I might look plain, but I hope you wouldn’t make the same
mistake next time.”

And with that, he left elegantly as Kyle watched, taking no notice that he was putting Kyle to shame.

He returned to Alan’s side–he had more guests to greet for the night.

But even after John left, Kyle still felt the looks of contempt leveled at him!

Stopping himself from breaking down inwardly, he turned and was about to leave the hall when he saw
Cordy smirking dazzlingly nearby.

He promptly stormed toward her, his fury almost spurring him to strangle her right then!

“You knew, didn’t you?!” he growled through his teeth. “You knew who he was, and you just wanted me
to embarrass myself!”

“You embarrassed yourself because you’re vain.” Cordy kept smirking. “None of that would happen if
you didn’t try to show off. Pride goes before a fall!”

And tonight, Kyle did not just fall–he was thoroughly humiliated!

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