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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Mandy eventually lowered her head-even though the ignominy almost left her suffering a breakdown.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Cordy’s smile became even more obvious, but she was still being magnanimous.

After all, this alone was more than enough suffering for Mandy.

And seeing that her daughter apologized, Dandy quickly turned to John. “Mr. Levine, do you think I can
leave with my daughter now?”

“This must never happen again.”

“Of course, of course-I’ll definitely straighten her out when I get home.”

And with that, Dandy firmly dragged Mandy along as their family fled, cutting a miserable figure.

Once they were gone, things returned to normal at the banquet hall.

Naturally, many still had their eyes on John and Cordy, studying them and wondering how the hell two
people from two different worlds managed to hook up!

And yet, it was happening right in front of their eyes!

“I’ll be a little busy tonight,” John told Cordy then. “Wait for me. I’ll take you home later.

“It’s fine. I can leave on my own…”

“Be nice,” John said mildly, but there was something in his voice that did not allow refusal.

Cordy was left fuming at the tender, overbearing man.

John then turned to Richard. “Take good care of Mommy.”

“Yes, sir,” Richard promptly responded, having received his orders.

With that, John turned to leave, and Cordy watched as he hurried away.

He was so busy, but he would still throw everything aside to help her?!

She would be lying if she said that she was not touched, though not at the point where she felt it in her

“Mommy, shall we go to the backyard?” Richard asked.

Cordy turned away from John and nodded, unable to resist and patting his little head. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Mommy. Daddy told me that I’m a man, and that I should protect Mommy,” the boy
said in his tender voice, as if it only made sense.

Cordy felt her heart turning to mush.

She held on tightly to Richard’s little hand and left the hall.

Nearby, Noel was watching nearby as Cordy left, the savagery in her eyes hardly concealed.

She then turned towards John, whose every move and little gesture seemed to project a kingly air. No
man present even held a candle to him.

She had at first been misled by Kyle to think that John was a firefighter, but her feelings toward him
naturally took a 180-degree turn after finding out who he really was!

And there was also that moment, when John came below stage to talk to Kyle-how insignificant Kyle
had appeared then!

Her chest hence quivered with anticipation, and she knew very well why!

What she wanted, she got!

‘Just you wait, Cordy Sachs!

Wintson arrived at the banquet hall at 9 PM and took Richard home.

After all, he was still a child-sleeping punctually was a must, and he hence left obediently.

Cordy returned to the banquet hall after they left.

Things were still exceedingly lively, as if the people had no intention to leave.

As such, she picked her corner and looked at John from the distance, as he was still being mobbed by

She nonchalantly picked up a glass of wine and took a slow sip.

Bored, she finished one glass, and then took another…

“You can really hold your liquor, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy turned and found Jay Parker had been standing nearby without her notice.

While they were not close, they were certainly no strangers.

For one, he was a director, and she had watched more than a few of his works.

They had also met a few times at nightclubs, and on one such occasion, it was he who drove her

to the hospital.

Come to think of it, she more or less owed him!

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