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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Cordy raised her glass, offering Jay a toast. “Long time no see, Mr. Parker.”

“You should not drink too much when you already have a bad stomach, Ms. Sachs,” Jay told her,
though he took a sip from his glass in turn to acknowledge her toast.

Cordy took a sip too, but said nothing else-they were still not that close, and did not have much to talk

“Johnny…” Jay suddenly said, watching as John Levine continued to mingle with his guest. “Is a good


It took Cordy a while to realize that he was talking about John.

Jay was Alan Levine’s adopted child, and everyone knew that he and John were close.

Even so, Cordy was silent and did not comment about John.

“It’s late. I should get going,” Jay said then, and elegantly put away his glass.

Alan himself had long since left-only John was left to handle the guests.

“Goodbye.” Cordy smiled politely.

Jay returned her smile with a nod.

He was certainly no different from his public image-well-mannered, soft-spoken, and affable.

After he left the hall, Bob Davis and Sam Saunders soon left as well, though they both seemed to be
sneaking glances at Cordy.

She simply ignored them, wondering how much longer would she have to wait for John-or if she would
get drunk first.

That was when she saw John suddenly heading toward the backyard.

Cordy’s eyes tracked him, but did not follow.

At the backyard, John abruptly reached out and caught the woman’s wrist.

“Zoe York.”

She appeared a little annoyed. “Let me go.”

“Where have you been the entire night?”

“What is that to you?” Zoe snapped as she shook his hand off.

“I’ll have someone take you home,” John said bluntly.

Zoe was annoyed right then. “I’m not going home that early. I’m meeting up with friends for supper.”

“At this hour?”

“What are you, a boomer? It’s only eleven.”

“That TV series starts shooting tomorrow.”

“I’ll make it in time-”

“Randy,” John called out sternly then.

“Yes, sir,” Randy said, and approached Zoe politely. “I’ll be giving you a ride home, Ms. York.”

Zoe was glaring at John, but knowing that she could not win-just like how he shoved a role to her on a
whim, all she could do was storm off angrily.

While John returned to the banquet hall in turn, Kyle emerged from a dark corner.

He was certainly not content with leaving right away after being humiliated so thoroughly.

But since he could not bear the criticism and contempt from everyone around him if he did not leave,
he sneaked to the backyard to smoke a cigarette… only to find that exchange between John and Zoe!

So that was what was going on between them, and why Zoe would steal his sister’s role!

With that in consideration, what was Cordy to John?!

Kyle was smiling cunningly even as he stared at the photo in his phone, capturing John and Zoe clearly
in a scuffle.

Back at the banquet hall, John made his way toward Cordy, who was holding yet another glass of wine.

But before she could drink it, John took it out of her hands and chugged the rest.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he said as he put away the glass carelessly.

Cordy did a double take, before slowly saying, “Are you finished with your business, Mr. Levine?”

“I am. Let’s get you home.”

Cordy rose to her feet, but her head suddenly seemed to turn light as she did, and she felt dazed.

John caught it right then, and moved to catch her. “Watch out.”

“Thank you,” Cordy said, and pushed his hand away.

She was obviously keeping her distance from him. John pursed his lips, but he eventually released her.

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