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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

As Cordy walked ahead, John walked up to her side.

They looked perfect for each other even from behind, and everyone in the banquet hall was
inadvertently drawn to it.

So they really were in a relationship?!

In John’s car, Cordy was feeling muddled-she had too much to drink.

Moreover, she had not been drinking for a while, stopping since she ditched Kyle and stopped working
at Jessop Corp.

And tonight…

In the end, she was still a little aggrieved.

She thought she knew everything about herself, but she was ultimately not as impervious as she
thought she was.

As the car arrived, John turned to find Cordy asleep, leaning against the car window.

Her cheeks were flushed, her breath regular and rhythmic.

He alighted and carried her-she frowned, clearly feeling a little uncomfortable, but she was feeling too
dizzy and too limp to resist.

“What’s the passcode?” he asked in his deep, alluring voice as he reached her apartment door.

Cordy had no idea if she had been bewitched or just drunk.

“It’s my birthday…”

Before she could say a number, the door lock’s mechanical feminine voice spoke: [Door unlocked.]

John carried her inside and opened the shoe cupboard to see the two pairs of footwear placed neatly

His lips curled up in a smile, and he reached out to take the male loafers. Then, he strode into her
bedroom, with her still in his arms.

Once she was placed on her soft bed, Cordy shifted her body.

She was still wearing John’s suit jacket and that body-hugging gown-she was clearly uncomfortable.

John took off her high heels first, and immediately saw her fair ankles red and with lesions.

Pursing his lips, he took his suit off her, and stared at her gown.

He hesitated for a while before eventually giving up.

Then, he headed to the bathroom, took a towel, and soaked in warm water to help her remove her

His touch was gentle, but she ultimately opened her eyes.

She stared blankly at the man before her, who was just inches away.

His pine fresh body scent swirled around her nostrils and did not seem to fade.

Even if her vision was blurred, she realized immediately who it was.

“You’re awake?” John rasped, feeling that something was different-but not sure what it was.

“How did you know I was set up?” Cordy asked him.

It was a question out of the blue, and it left John a little stunned.

“When I was eighteen,” Cordy murmured.

John realized then what she was referring to, but before he could speak, she continued on her own. “I
really was swindled, but no one believed me. My own father even tried to kill me because I brought
shame to the family.”

When she was finished, she started to laugh at the irony.

And yet, her tears were trickling out of the corner of her eye too.

It turned out that she had not let it go, but having been wounded so thoroughly, she only had
stubbornness to keep her together.

But once that seemingly sturdy shell was broken through, the bleeding scars beneath still stung her to
the core.

“I’m sorry.” John suddenly apologized.

“It had nothing to do with you.” Cordy smiled faintly and closed her eyes.

Somehow, her tears started to gush when she did so.

“You’re the only one on my side… in this whole wide world.”

Even when she was dating Kyle, he only told her that he did not care-that the past was the past.
Despite all that, he never once thought that she was innocent back then.

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