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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Cordy got out of bed and turned to find a glass of yellow liquid on her nightstand.

It had a note on its bottom, which read:

[Honey helps with hangovers. Remember to have breakfast after you wake up-your belly is empty after
vomiting, and it’s bad for your help. P.S.: I will be leaving on a business trip and shall return to North
City in a week.]

The sharp handwriting was just like the handwriting on the invitation to last night’s banquet.

Cordy picked up the honey and took a sip.

There was a sweetness in its chill, which seemed to seep into the chest.

She felt a mysterious sensation inside at the same time, and she suddenly wondered why John insisted
on making her wait last night, just so that he could give her a ride home.

Was it because he had to leave on that business trip and they would not be meeting for a while?

Cordy put down her glass and headed to the bathroom, where she took off the dirty gown and took a

Once she did that, she threw the gown into the trash can.

She got it for free anyway, and it was no skin off her back.

She returned to the living room, intending on lying down for a while on the couch since hangovers
really left a person lethargic.

Then, she remembered John’s note saying an empty stomach was bad…

She got up and went to her kitchen, but just as she was going to make a simple breakfast, her phone
suddenly rang.

She glanced at the caller, and simply declined the call, ignoring it.

After making breakfast, she brought everything to the table and scrolled through the news, when she
saw Kyle sending her multiple messages on WhatsApp.

She pursed her lips but ultimately tapped on the notification and immediately saw the photos on the
chat box.

Each of them showed John grabbing on to Zoe York, who was not resisting despite the annoyance on
her face.

Things were clearly complicated between them.

Another text message arrived just then.

[Quit being delusional, Cordy. John Levine would never be faithful to you-he’s just playing with you,
thinking you’re pretty. I promise you, a man like him would have countless women on the side, while
you’re just one of them.]

Cordy suddenly remembered Richard saying that his daddy liked Zoe.

Even so, she continued munching on her toast and nonchalantly typed a reply:

[We’re adults. Who really knows who’s playing with who?]

And with that, she blocked Kyle.

Over at Jessop Villa, Kyle woke up very early and started scrolling through the news immediately.

Fortunately, there was nothing about Alan Levine’s seventieth birthday, Kyle’s own humiliation, or
anything exclusive about John and Cordy.

The Levines must have enforced a media gag beforehand.

But although he heaved a sigh of relief, he was left fuming again when he remembered what happened
to him at the party!

Having always been fawned over, envied and worshiped… How was he supposed to show his face in
public again when he was humiliated so thoroughly?!

Gritting his teeth, he texted Cordy those photos-if he had to suffer, Cordy must suffer too!

However, his face fell when he read Cordy’s reply, and he furiously typed an even longer text filled with
mockery and abuse.

But this time, he received a notification as soon as he sent it.

[Failed to send message. The receiving user has blocked you.]

Kyle almost threw his phone across the room in rage!

Cordy blocked him?!

“Kyle,” Dandy Jessop called out to him as he headed downstairs.

As Kyle quickly gathered himself, his father told him, “Our family was thoroughly humiliated at that
banquet last night. Your sister has been bawling the whole night since she came home.”

In fact, Kyle’s family returned earlier than he did.

And since Kyle was hiding in the backyard of the banquet hall, he never saw John standing up for
Cordy and harassing Mandy in retaliation!

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