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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Meanwhile, Dandy continued.

“But since Cordy is clearly having a thing with John Levine, it’s high time you go public about your
relationship with Noel. You’ve kept it under wraps in fear that Cordy would cause trouble, which was
why you had to wait for her to demand an annulment of your engagement…. But now, that doesn’t
matter at all, and we’d just be laughed at if we allow things to drag on.”

Kyle nodded. “I’ll talk to Noel, and then we’ll make the announcement.”

“Just put together a respectable, glamorous wedding. Recoup the dignity we lost yesterday,” Dandy
told him… though he was barely hiding his fury at the mention of yesterday.

Dandy left with that, while Kyle quickly called Noel.

Noel was lying in bed, googling and skimming through the news after she woke up.

She was impressed, seeing that there was no coverage on anything about the Levines banquet
yesterday. They were simply above the rest-the public would know anything they did not want them to

That was when Kyle’s call arrived, though she frowned before answering it. “Kyle.”

“Did I wake you up?”

“Yeah,” she said, deliberately faking a yawn. “What time did you leave last night? I never saw you even
as I left with my parents.”

“A little late,” Kyle said offhandedly, clearly not wanting to mention last night. “My dad just said we
should announce our relationship.”

“What?!” Noel exclaimed, clearly agitated.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Don’t you want to go public?”

“No.” Noel quickly denied it. “Wasn’t I telling you that I’m worried Cordy would cause trouble? Neither of
our families would be able to clean up the mess if she does.”

“Cordy has already hooked up with John Levine!” Kyle snapped. “Do you really think she would still
cause trouble?!”

Noel bit her lip because she did not want to publicly announce her relationship with Kyle now.

In fact, she did not want said relationship at all-he was suddenly so unappealing, since even Cordy did
not want anything to do with him.

Moreover, Noel had a new target.

“I’m still worried, Kyle,” Noel said, having already come up with an excuse.

“What about?” Kyle already seemed annoyed.

“You know how stubborn my sister gets-I don’t think there’s any assurance that she would

slander us after we announced our relationship. I’m fine with that, but I’m worried about your reputation,
since you’re the CEO of Jessop Corp.”

As Noel persuaded him with such kind words as if she was thinking on his behalf, Kyle also became
hesitant as she remembered how domineering Cordy had been recently.

“It’s been less than two months since your planned wedding with Cordy, and people would talk if we
announce our relationship too soon. It’s always better late than never, and what everyone else thinks
doesn’t affect our relationship, right?”

Kyle thought about it and decided that her logic was sound. “I guess I’ll have to keep you waiting for

“Like I said, it doesn’t matter as long as I can be with you,” Noel purred.

They started flirting for a while before hanging up.

However, once she hung up, Noel’s face fell and there was a flash of coldness in her eyes.

Right now, she just had to leave Kyle hanging, and she would have something to fall back on i case
she failed.

After all, Kyle was not too bad himself… although Noel was not going to fail that easily.

That perfect man could only belong to her!

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