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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Soon, a week had passed, and Cordy had worked overtime twice.

At present, she was in her office, seriously arranging the designs she finished.

She only knew too well that she could not count on anyone from the design department since they
were all Noel’s cronies.

Picking up her phone, she told Vince Cartman, “Have all heads of department and the design
department supervisors gather for a meeting in half an hour. We’re discussing the templates for the
upcoming season’s fashion line-no one is allowed to be absent.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

Every executive arrived punctually at the conference room in half an hour at the conference room of
Starstream Group headquarters. Naturally, their compliance was skin-deep because they did not want
Cordy to fault them.

That was all there was to it too-they naturally would not actually do any actual work. They were just
waiting for Starstream to fall and for Cordy to leave.

Still, Cordy went straight to the point as usual. “Design has worked late nights and long overtime, and
we’ve finally finished the templates for next season’s products. I’m very satisfied, but I believe everyone
should take a look too.”

Every head of department started to murmur among themselves, while Noel was perplexed too.

The design department had not come up with anything over the last week, but Cordy was now telling
them that the template was already finished. They would never be able to catch up to the deadline for

the next season’s sales if they did not, and Noel was just waiting for Cordy to make a fool of herself.

She quietly watched as Cordy started to present the first template… but it already left her and the other
heads of department stunned to the core.

It completely overturned Starstream’s outdated designs, boldly using vibrant colors and traditional floral
prints for a perfect blend. It certainly hit the sweet spot of matching international trends, and anyone’s
eyes would be twinkling at the very sight.

All the department heads who had been ready to nitpick were left silenced, just as the supervisors from
design were gaping.

They have been working at Starstream for years, but they had never seen such quality designs!

Who on earth had made those templates?!

Still, Cordy calmly elaborated on the concepts of the season’s designs and said, “I’m grateful for the
contribution of everyone from the design department, along with Ms. Sachs’ tireless work. Finance,
please remember to give everyone in Design a $500 dollar bonus this month, and a $ 3,000 dollar
bonus for Ms. Sachs.”

Everyone from the design department and Noel were completely confused by the sudden bonus.

When did they ever help with those designs?!

However, the other heads of department were obviously disgruntled-they had all agreed to refuse
Cordy any help beforehand, did they not?!

And yet, it turned out that they were working with Cordy and had put together such high quality

“Since there’s no protests, we shall put these templates into production while sticking to our old
production quotas,” Cordy said, before adding, “Noel, see me in my office. Everyone else may leave.”

With that, Cordy left with Vince, while Noel headed to Cordy’s office as the other heads looked on

“You wanted to see me, sis?” She appeared respectful, because she had no idea what Cordy was up

“I wanted to discuss a change in our brand ambassador.”

“Are you changing Tessa Quayle?” Noel exclaimed in surprise. “She has been doing fine all this while,
hasn’t she? She’s been our brand ambassador for three years.”

“Her contract also happens to be expiring.”

“But her fee is cheap, while Tessa herself is cooperative and affable. There’s no need to change, is

“She lacks personality, and she hardly stands out in the fashion industry.”

Noel frowned. “Well, do you have anyone in mind?”

“Zoe York.”

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