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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Noel was clearly excited. “Zoe York?! She’s in high demand in both showbiz and endorsements, and
especially so in the case of the former. However, our company might not be able to lure her- her
endorsement would cost at least seven figures. We’d never afford her.”

“You don’t have to worry if we can afford her. I just want to know what you think of her.”

One must certainly admit that Zoe was the best endorser one could ask for, with some even

calling her the queen of brand ambassadors. If she could endorse Starstream Group, their fashion
business would definitely rise to the next level.

“You’re a good judge of people.” Though Noel agreed to the idea, she was convinced that Cordy would
never be able to bring Zoe in as brand ambassador.

“Alright,” Cordy nodded. “That’s all for now. You can get back to work.”

Noel studied Cordy just then, finding everything she did today exceedingly weird.

She wanted to ask about it, but ultimately decided against it.

After all, the designs today were far beyond Starstream’s usual standard, and Cordy was going to gain
considerable prestige if it was known that she had designed those templates.

As such, Noel was worried that all of that would go up in smoke if she asked, and it was better to play

As Noel left her office, Cordy suddenly chased after her and called out to her at the doorway.

“Noel, wait.”

“What is it?”

“I hope you’ll keep what I told you a secret. Don’t say anything before we have anything definitive.”

Noel did a double take, but she soon came to a realization. “I know, sis. Don’t worry.”

Cordy smiled and watched as Noel left.

When Noel was completely out of sight, she watched from the corner of her eye as a certain employee
made a query at the secretaries’ workspace.

In fact, they were the eyes and ears of certain rogue elements.

After all, the exchange between Cordy and Noel had definitely drawn the attention of the other heads of
department-which was precisely the effect she wanted.

As she returned to her office, Cordy began to consider certain plans.

She was not lying when she told Noel that she would like a change in brand ambassadors.

Right now, Starstream Fashion was mediocre in many ways and they would have to carve a bloody
path to really challenge their competitors. Hence, aside from strong internal composition, they should
have a solid brand image as well-she had always had plans to change brand ambassadors, and she
definitely had her eyes on Zoe early on as the right woman for the job.

She had also done her homework and found out that Zoe had yet to endorse any fashion brands.
However, there had been more than a few companies approaching her and they might beat Cordy

to it.

As for her personal feelings, Cordy had always been rational enough to set it aside for the sake of


She picked up her phone and dialed an unfamiliar name just then.

A clear, lively masculine voice answered from the other end. “Hello, Ms. Sachs.”

“I’m sorry to impose, Mr. Parker, but I have a favor to ask.”

She had Jay Parker’s number since that time he sent her to the hospital and paid for her medical fees,
so that she could pay him back.

It had been a year.

“Of course. You can tell me,” Jay said mildly.

Even if they were not particularly close, she always found Jay affable.

“I heard that Zoe York has a role in one of your current projects, and I was planning to bring her to the
negotiation table for an endorsement. However, I’ve never met her and I’m afraid that I might come on
a little too sudden, so could you help me with a referral?”

Jay was silent and Cordy appeared taken aback.

She thought he just needed to ask… or was it too much?

“It’s alright if it’s inconvenient for you…”

“No, it’s not an issue at all,” Jay said. “However, are you sure you want my referral instead of a certain
someone else’s?”

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