Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

Cordy took a deep breath.

She had always kept business and pleasure separate.

Looking down at the message notification popping on her phone, she decided to ignore it.

John was sitting in the executive office of the Levine Ventures branch over at Los Loco.

He scowled at his phone, which was not jingling at all.

Randy Martin was standing beside him, too afraid to even say a word.

It was not as if things were bad-in fact, the sudden inspection to the branch here revealed that every
operation and project was showing more than satisfactory performance.

Even so, his boss was glowering with bloodlust.



“Book the earliest flight tomorrow. We’re going back to North City.”

“Don’t we have an appointment with that key figure in this city?” Randy pointed out-since they were
here for the inspection, they had set up meetings with any clients or potential partners as well.

“We’ll leave in the evening,” John said, correcting himself.

But he was going back tomorrow one way or the other!

“…Yes, Mr. Levine,” Randy replied respectfully, but it would be midnight before they were finished. It
must be Cordy, huh?

After all, John had been constantly glancing at his phone ever since he arrived in Los Loco, and he was
occasionally caught staring blankly at the dark screen on his phone.

Truly, a man in love must not be observed from an average Joe’s perspective.

Back at the film set at North City, they were reshooting the kiss scene.

After Zoe composed herself, she and Hal had a chat and quickly got to know each other to ease the

Then, the camera assistant announced, “Scene 3, sequence 1, take 2. Action!”

Zoe and Hal quickly went into character.

Since the movement sequence in the first take was usable, they just had to re-do the kiss.

Once again, Hal was pinning Zoe against the wall and leaning in for a kiss.

But as their lips were about to touch, Zoe evaded him once more.


Even Hal was left hanging awkwardly this time.


Jay rose from the camera zone and strode straight toward Zoe and Hal, saying, “A moment please,

Zoe pursed her lips and left, following him to a quiet corner.

“I’ll cut off the kiss scene. Prepare for the next scene instead,” Jay told her.

Zoe was stunned.

She was under the impression that Jay was going to berate her for affecting the shooting progress.

She had never worked with Jay before, and she would not have done so if not forced into it by her

Still, the showbiz was only that big, and she more or less heard rumors about how Jay was the most
good-looking of directors, but also the demanding among them.

If he was unhappy with something, he would have the actor or actress retake the scene over a hundred
times until he was. Some even took to calling him the ‘Demon Director”.

“No, it’s fine.” Zoe refused regardless.

While Jay raised a brow, she continued, “The kiss would’ve been cut from the script beforehand if it
wasn’t necessary. I don’t want to take the fall for changing it.”

And with those words, she strode past Jay.

His Adams’ apple was bobbing.

The script was not written with Zoe in mind, and it was finished before the sudden change in lead
actress, with the investors’ approval. It was not easily changed before shooting, but after that, they
could certainly adapt it according to present circumstances.

He returned to the camera, while Zoe and Hal prepared themselves again once more.

“Scene 3, sequence 1, take 3. Action!”

Hal once again approached Zoe, and she closed her eyes, keeping her hands, which balled into fists,
at her sides.

She had over ten film and drama series under her belt in her five-year career. As such, would anyone
believe that this was her first kiss on the silver screen?!

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