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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

It was past 11 PM when the three ladies were done drinking and started to leave.

“Let me take you home,” Cordy’s vision was blurred as well, but she thought that she should give them
a ride home considering that she brought them out here.

“Burp…” Zoe belched and she was seeing stars as well. “It’s alright. Quinn can take me home since
we’re going the same way.”

With that, Zoe dragged Quinn along and left the room.

Cordy quickly followed them.

Although they were all drunk, they were not at the level they would lose control-Quinn seemed
especially sober as well.

Cordy always had self-control, but considering that today was her first meeting with Zoe, she naturally
had to play along since Zoe was a real alcoholic. She could not seem to stop after the first glass, but
Quinn somehow remained controlled despite Zoe’s crazy streak.

Cordy walked with them until they entered a black sedan before returning to Walter’s sedan. She
reclined over her seat, her stomach a misery.

She stared blankly out at the night view of North City and the myriad lights that seemed to illuminate it
over the horizon.

Her phone then jingled.

She whipped it out for a look and saw the text that read: [Drink some honey when you get home.]
Cordy did not send a reply as she quietly lowered it.

John would always text her a couple times everyday since he left, but she chose to ignore every text.

As the black sedan drove into Levine Manor, Zoe had fallen asleep at the backseat.

Just a second ago, she was calling John and bragging how she got Cordy drunk, but she was now
sleeping like a log.

Quinn was naturally impressed that she could fall asleep instantly after getting drunk and then wake up
with the vigor of a tiger. She certainly had to admit that Zoe was a savant when it came to getting

She alighted and tried to carry Zoe out of the car and back to a room, just as another sedan stopped
outside the front door.

Quinn turned to find Jay alighting from the driver’s seat.

Seeing them, he strode toward them and asked, “What happened?”

“Zoe got drunk,” Quinn told him.

As Jay frowned, Quinn said feebly, “Could you carry her inside if you don’t mind? I really can’t move


“…Alright,” Jay nodded and headed toward the sedan, arching his back as he scooped up Zoe in

his arms.

Quinn wanted to help, but she soon saw that although Jay always appeared too refined and soft-
spoken, he was more than competent as a boyfriend-no, as an uncle!

“Please watch out on your way home, Ms. Summer,” he said mildly just then.

“Yeah.” Quinn nodded.

As Jay carried Zoe into the manor, Quinn watched as they left, and she suddenly remembered a past

She and Zoe were high school classmates, and in their second year, Zoe had called her in the middle
of the night to tell her that she had fallen in love.

In her adolescence, a maiden’s feelings were exceedingly pure and overt-Quinn could feel the bliss
Zoe was projecting from the other end of the phone.

But after that night, Zoe had never mentioned her love life again.

And it had been eight years since.

Even so, Quinn clearly remembered Zoe telling her that the boy was Jay Parker.

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