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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

After Jay put Zoe to bed, he did not leave immediately.

He lowered his gaze, staring at her cheeks that were flushed from excess alcohol, and her red, moist

He suddenly remembered the scene of her filming that kiss…

His Adam’s apple bobbed and he placed his long fingers on her lips, gently rubbing it as if wiping filth
off it.

He did so solemnly for a long while, until her lips were almost swollen red.

When he lifted his finger, he leaned downward ever so slightly, but straightened himself at the very next
instant and left.

He shut the door behind himself, and therefore could not see a trail of tears quietly trickling down the
sleeping beauty’s face.

Cordy was feeling a slight headache.

Going to work with a hangover was utter misery.

Zoe was too good a drinker, whereas she had thrown up the entire night, the world almost turning
upside down for her.

As she drank some black coffee to clear her head, Vince Cartman was politely reporting, “Ms. Sachs?
The contract is ready. Zoe York’s manager has also called, saying that they’re ready to sign it.”

Cordy took a deep breath, rising from her chair despite her splitting headache. “Let’s go.”

Although she did not believe that Zoe was someone who would renege on anything after getting to
know her yesterday, she still found Zoe’s agreement to the endorsement deal a little too smooth. It just
felt unreal, especially with John being a factor between them.

All those worries would be relieved once the deal was signed.

“Don’t tell anyone before the official announcement,” Cordy told Vince, having said as much to Zoe and
her manager as well.

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.” Vince quickly nodded.

She was certainly thankful that she had changed her secretary, or there would be leaks anywhere…
and every sort of mess would occur right after!

Her eyes narrowed even as she remembered that most of Starstream Group was still in Simon Sachs’
pocket, and it genuinely left her feeling helpless.

Still feeling ill, Cordy left work early.

Once she returned home and ate her takeout, she took a bath and lay in bed.

She checked her phone before sleeping out of habit, and spaced out a little when she picked up her

She tapped on WhatsApp, but she did not receive any messages from John.

Well, that was fine.

An end was unnecessary since they never started, and could go their own separate ways without
anything holding them back.

Cordy put down her phone and fell asleep.

She slept soundly, but even as she dreamt, she was jolted awake by repetitive bell chimes.

Cordy opened her eyes and saw that it was pitch-black outside, and the city seemed unusually quiet as

What time was it?

Still feeling muddled, she glanced at her phone and saw that it was 3 AM.

Just as she thought that she was muddleheaded because she was sleeping too early, she heard the
doorbell ringing again outside the door.

So someone was really there?!

Cordy quickly got up and headed towards the door, and saw through the door monitor that John, was
standing outside.

Her heart skipped a beat.

He said he would be gone for a week, did he not?

But it had just been four days…

Most importantly, she thought that it was over between them with nary a murmur since he did not text
her for an entire day.

Even if she did not know him that well, she could tell that he had his ego.

After hesitating for a while, she eventually opened the door.

His cheeks were flushed and there was a scent of alcohol wafting from him, but he was standing

It was as if he would not lose composure at any time, constantly retaining his regal and elegant

Nonetheless, Cordy asked him, “Did you get the wrong door?”

John simply smiled. “I’m looking for Cordy Sachs.”

His unfocused gaze, and that bewitching smile… So men could use their beauty as a weapon too!

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