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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Cordy complained, “I was asleep.”

“Sorry for waking you.” John apologized.

Even so, she never did feel any sincerity from any of his apologies-as if he said it just for the sake of
saying it.

“Is there a problem?”

“Just wanted to tell you that I’m back.”

“Got it,” Cordy said coolly, adding when she noticed his exhausted appearance, “You could’ve texted
me. You didn’t have to come all the way here.”

“I thought your phone was dead,” he replied, clearly accusing her of not replying to his texts.

“I’ve been busy.” Cordy simply came up with an excuse.


“It’s late, go home,” Cordy said, cutting him short right then. “I have work tomorrow.”

As John swallowed his words, she finished, “Goodbye.”

With that, she shut the door in his face, and he was left staring at the closed door.

He was right-he was not imagining it.

Cordy was deliberately avoiding him.

But he never did anything out of line that other night… In fact, his intuition told him that Cordy was
starting to accept him.

So what on earth happened? Why was Cordy keeping him at arm’s length again?!

John left Cordy’s apartment block just then, and he saw that the car which brought him here was gone.

Glowering, he dialed a number.

Randy quickly answered when his phone started ringing. “Yes, Mr. Levine?”

“Where are you?” John growled icily.

Weren’t you visiting the missus?”

“Get back here!”

“Yes, sir!” Randy promptly directed the chauffeur to turn the car around.

Even as they headed back, Randy wondered if Cordy had chased John out.

Holy smoke… She really was different!

Every other woman would kill to have John spend a night at their home and jump into his bed naked!

They quickly returned to John’s car and Randy alighted, opening the door for him respectfully.

John looked at Randy just then and he flinched-he feared sudden silences the most.

To no surprise, John told him, “Your phone and wallet.”

Randy’s hands were trembling as he handed everything over.

John then got into the car and barked, “Drive!”

The sedan drove away, leaving Randy alone in the middle of the road at 3 AM, watching as the sedan

He would be crying if he had any tears left.

Over the next month or so, Cordy put all her attention into the product launch for their autumn fashion
line, from major strategizing down to minute details.

However, most of Starstream Group was still under Simon Sachs’ control. Others

notwithstanding, even production was getting delayed extensively.

“What’s the issue?” Cordy glowered as she interrogated Fabian Locke, the production manager, in the
conference room.

There was no question that Fabian was under Simon’s payroll too!

“It’s not us who’s stalling, Ms. Sachs-we can’t do a thing when the workers are on strike,” Fabian said
with a shrug.

“On strike? What is the reason? And why wasn’t there a notice beforehand? You know that we are on a
tight schedule!”

“You’re the board chairman and always busy. How could we bother you with every little thing happening
in the company?” Fabian said with an odd tone.

“So you’re saying you can handle this?”

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t offer any assurances.”

“Understand that everyone has a role to play, Mr. Locke,” Cordy snapped imposingly. “If the

company suffers any losses, I’ll hold you accountable for every dollar lost! You’d better make up your
mind on whether you can bear this responsibility!”

Fabian was left flushing at her threat!

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