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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

And with those words, Cordy strode out of the conference room without looking back, imposing

as ever.

Fabian did not expect that he, a man in his forties, would be threatened by a twentyish brat!

He quickly called Simon to report the situation.

“Ignore her. Just do what I tell you,” Simon said, still thinking nothing of Cordy at all. “I’ll cover for you if
anything happens.”

“Yes, Mr. Sachs.”

Fabian smiled evilly then.

He did not mind waiting and seeing how long Cordy would last!

Cordy brought Vince with her to Starstreams’ production plant, even as she wondered why the workers
would go on strike out of the blue.

The plant was in the outskirts of North City and the journey was long-they only arrived in the afternoon.

However, Cordy did not stop for lunch and went inside right away to meet Dean Longman, the factory

Like Fabian, Dean had no respect toward Cordy at all. It went without saying they were both in league
with Simon.

“I heard that our new board chairman is young, but not this young!” he exclaimed, his words more ironic
than praiseful. “You’re no older than my daughter, who’s always throwing herself into my arms and
purring. Comparing yourself with others really hurts, huh?”

Cordy simply pretended that she never heard a word of it, and cut to the chase, “I heard from Fabian
Locke that the workers are on strike. What on earth is going on?”

“What do you mean, what? Of course it’s because they’re underpaid!”

“To my knowledge, all wages are given at a reasonable rate on par with the job market, and the welfare
we offer is more than what other companies offer…”

“But you’re the one who hurried production along, and that means overtime. But since they’re not being
paid for that, no one’s going to be happy, are they?”

Cordy’s eyes narrowed.

No one reported to her about how things were going at this plant at all. Naturally, she could have
offered a special increment given the special circumstances.

Even she must admit now that Simon was really taking her for a ride all this while.

“Do you have any other questions, Ms. Sachs? I have work to do if you don’t,” Dean said before he left.

Cordy pursed her lips and started to leave with Vince, but they were mobbed by a group of angry
workers before they made it out the front door.

“You’re the new board chairman, aren’t you?! Forcing us to labor overtime without pay-where is your
conscience?!” the one in the lead demanded with a savage look on his face. “You’d better give us
something now, or don’t think about leaving!”

“You thought you could make us leave with this?! No way! I’ve worked here for seven years! Don’t even
think you can make us resign!”

“Pay us! Pay us!”

They were all shouting and yelling as they encircled Cordy and Vince.

Vince was shielding Cordy behind himself, worried that they would attack her.

“Calm down!” Cordy shouted. “Once I get to the bottom of this, everyone will be appropriately paid and
reimbursed. No one working for Starstream would be allowed to suffer!”

“Liar!” The worker in the lead snapped. “She’ll just ignore us once she leaves! Don’t let her leave!” “Pay
us, or you’re not leaving this place!

Cordy was shocked that the workers would go this far, and it was obvious that the strike had been a
long time coming.

Even so, she would never have known that things were this serious if she had not asked about this
plant’s production issues.

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