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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Meanwhile, Dean was smiling sinisterly as he stood before the second floor office window, watching as
Cordy was being mobbed by those disgruntled workers.

He quickly whipped out his phone to report the situation. “Mr. Sachs? The workers are mobbing Cordy
Sachs as we speak. She’s not getting away soon.”

On the other end, Simon Sachs was sitting at his giant office in Sachs Enterprises with a cigarette in
his mouth.

“Give her a lesson to remember,” he said.

“Yes, sir. Don’t worry, I know exactly what to do.”

Simon was grinning smugly as he put down his phone.

In the end, age and experience came up on top.

Cordy wanted to beat him? It was no different from trying to break a rock with an egg!

Sitting opposite him, Noel asked in surprise, “Dad, did Cordy really go to the production plant?” She did
not expect Cordy to have the guts to visit that place of lowlifes. Those people were uncouth,
uneducated, and barbaric, which was why they deserved to be stuck in poverty.

“Ignore her,” Simon said, unable to care less about Cordy. “I called you here to talk about something

“Okay,” Noel said, ever the good girl around Simon.

“The Jessops called, saying that they want to go public about your relationship with Kyle Jessops, even
tie the knot quickly… but they’re saying that you’re hesitant.”

Noel bit her lip, looking a little awkward just then.

“Do you have something to tell me?”

“Dad, I really don’t want to do it right now.”

“Why? You’ve always loved him, haven’t you?”

“I do, but… I’m just more worried about our family’s situation,” Noel said, deliberately taking a deep
breath as he explained, “Cordy hooked up with John Levine, didn’t she? I’m sure you saw it at Alan
Levine’s birthday banquet.”

“Oh, the man isn’t really interested in her,” Simon said, showing no concern at all. “John Levine
notwithstanding, his family would never accept a woman beset with scandals like Cordy.”

“But I can see that John really likes her.”

“She must have done something to bewitch him. So what? Men can never resist a pretty face, and it
takes one to know one…”

Simon paused then, realizing that he should not be saying that in front of his daughter. He then said,
“Anyway, it’s just an infatuation. Once he gets over it, he’ll just dump her.”

“Even so, she did hook up with him. And you know how much she hates us-what if she sends John
after us?!”

Simon’s heart was shaken at Noel’s words.

Cordy was exceedingly stubborn, and if she really worked with John in a campaign against their family,
they would be crushed in an instant.

“What do you have in mind?” Simon asked.

“I was thinking I could woo John Levine,” Noel answered honestly.

Simon was surprised that his daughter, who always seemed so delicate, would be so bold.

“If he falls for me, our family would have nothing to worry about. I’m willing to be a villain to protect our
family, and let go of the man I love to be with another,” Noel continued, making herself sound as heroic
and self-sacrificing as possible.

Simon would certainly like Noel to do exactly that. If they could ride on the Levines’ coattails, no one in
North City would ever give him a hard time!

“Well, what would you do about the Jessops?” Simon asked.

“Let’s not upset them for the time being, but I need you to come up with something to keep them in line,
Dad. We don’t have to give a damn about the Jessops if I can get together with John, but if I fail, they
can still be our shield.”

Simon thought about it, and he was soon grinning in delight. “Alright, I’ll handle the Jessops. Do
everything you can to chase after John. Just tell me if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Noel flashed him her good girl smile.

She certainly would not believe that she would never land someone Cordy could seduce!

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