Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Over at the Starstream Group production plant, the angry workers were not listening to whatever

Cordy had to say.

She knew very well that someone had incited them, and that this was all Simon’s plan.

In fact, she could shout herself hoarse, but she would never calm them down.

Cordy quickly made up her mind.

Not wanting to waste time here, she told Vince quietly, “You need to get out of here somehow and call
the cops.”

“But you’d be alone, Ms. Sachs-”

“Don’t worry. I can take care of myself.”

“Alright.” Not arguing, Vince slowly released Cordy while distancing himself.

Cordy was the mob’s target, and they naturally did not pay much attention to Vince, who squeezed his
way through the crowd and called the cops.

He was certainly impressed that Cordy could stay calm despite the danger, even though he did not
expect them to leave without any problems-if anything, he felt like they were not making it home

After he made the call, the cops soon arrived.

However, the workers were even more furious when they heard the sirens.

“It’s the cops!”

“Cordy Sachs must have told someone to call them! She’s actually calling the cops!”

“She never wanted to settle this issue…”

As the workers became restless, the police quickly rushed into the plant, barking at the workers to stop.

The scene was a complete chaos, and Cordy tried to squeeze her way through the crowd to escape
while they were busy.

Vince kept his eyes on Cordy, worried that she would get hurt… and he suddenly cried out in panic,
“Ms. Sachs! Watch out!”

One of the workers was swinging his steel pipe at Cordy, aiming it squarely on her back!

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat as she sensed the danger-she could be seriously hurt once she was

However, she clearly had nowhere to run, and the police were too far away to defend her!

She even closed her eyes, surrendering herself to fate!


There was a loud sound, and the entire scene turned completely silent.

Even the worker who swung the pipe was stunned, probably not expecting his hit to strike true! The
police charged inside right then and knocked him to the floor, subduing him instantly.

Cordy, still trying to calm the terror she felt inside, opened her eyes.

She did not actually feel any pain, only that someone had taken her firmly into his arms, shielding

her from harm.

As she turned to look who it was, she was left in confusion as she was staring at John, who somehow
was there and shielded her in the direness of the situation.

“Mr. Levine!”

Nearby, Randy was left dumbstruck.

When John heard that Cordy was heading to the factory, he seemed to predict that something bad
would happen. He promptly dropped everything, including a key meeting in the afternoon, and headed
straight to this plant out in North City’s suburbs.

There, they immediately saw the workers rioting in the plant, and the cops were there too.

Randy himself had been staying beside John, and he certainly had no idea how John had managed to
find Cordy instantly in the chaos and gather her in his arms to protect her at lightspeed despite how
quickly that worker swung his bat.

“John…” Cordy was stunned too.

John withstood the agony on his back, coughing twice before saying, “I’m fine.”

But how could he be fine after being struck by that huge steel pipe?!

Not stopping to argue with John, she turned and yelled at Randy, “Get him to the hospital, right


“Yes, yes!”

Randy quickly ran to them to help carry John.

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