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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Cordy hesitated for a moment, but she quickly followed John into his car too.

“Miss!” One of the police stopped them. “We need you to come with us to the precinct for testimony.”

“Vince, go with the police. Walter will drive you back.”

“Alright. You should go, Ms. Sachs,” Vince quickly said.

Meanwhile, Cordy and Randy helped him into his Maybach.

The car drove straight to the best private hospital in North City, with Randy riding shotgun and calling
the Levines’ family doctor.

Cordy was glancing at John from time to time, who was reclining against his seat, his eyes closed and
his face turning ever paler.

Where did the steel pipe hit?

Did it break bones?

Rupture organs…?

Cordy did not dare to go any further. She kept her eyes on the car’s GPS, wanting to reach the hospital
right then.

Even so, it took them two hours to arrive.

Still, there was a row of doctors in white coats waiting, and nurses quickly helped John out of the


When someone touched John, Cordy clearly heard John grunt in pain.

Did it hurt?!

Cordy’s fingers clenched, and she followed the doctors as they wheeled John to the emergency


“It’s alright,” John was still assuring her just before he was wheeled inside.

Cordy bit her lip, feeling a mess of emotions towards him.

It had been over a month since he returned from that business trip, and she had been persistently
neutral toward him.

She would join him for dinner if Richard was there, but she only talked to Richard throughout while
giving him the silent treatment and barely glanced his way.

John was trying at first, but eventually seemed to become accustomed to her cold shoulder, and he
became less talkative as well.

Even so, John would come to visit her every other day with Richard, and she presumed it was just to
satisfy Richard’s reliance toward her.

That was why his sudden appearance today caught her completely off guard.

Cordy stared nervously at the locked doors of the emergency room, her knuckles clenching.

It was three hours later when the doors opened again and John was wheeled out, escorted by doctors
and nurses.

Randy rushed toward them immediately, asking worriedly, “Doctors, how is he?”

Cordy simply stood nearby, her heart racing.

“He’s not in danger, but the muscles over his back are extensively damaged, and there’s a light fracture
on a rib on the right. There is light numbness to his kidneys as well, and we’re

recommending up to four weeks of bed rest. We will monitor his recovery closely before deciding

Randy heaved a loud sigh of relief. Thank goodness his boss was fine!

Cordy composed herself as well.

“We will take him to his ward now,” one of the doctors said.

“Okay, okay, okay…” Randy said repeatedly, and everyone headed to the VVIP ward arranged for

As he lay in bed, he had his eyes closed and he stayed silent.

There was no telling if he was in pain.

Randy and Cordy listened seriously to all the reminders that the doctors issued, and it was a while
before they finally left.

However, many nurses and rehabilitation staff remained in the ward.

Eventually, Cordy could not help walking up to John’s bed, looking at his handsome face and his tightly
pursed lips.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

John’s eyelashes twitched.

Then, he slowly opened his eyes to meet her gaze.

“It does,” he admitted.

“Then why did you do it, risking yourself like this? What if you were hit in the head instead?” Cordy’s

heart was still gripped in fear as she scarcely dared to think about the consequences.

“Because…” John slowly rasped, “It would hurt me more if you were hit.”

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