Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

And then there was the fact that John was so perfect, Cordy almost found him unreal.

Nonetheless, she went to the other table and had a warm bowl of cereal, which relieved her

stomach considerably.

Moreover, she had been too busy lately to sleep probably, and drowsiness overcame her after she
finished her food.

Reclining against the couch in the ward, she soon fell asleep.

She only woke up after night arrived, and someone had put a blanket over her without her knowing.

“You’re awake.” John’s deep, alluring voice spoke just then, startling Cordy-she almost forgot where
she was.

John’s lips curled into a smile in turn, finding her reaction adorable.

Cordy blushed awkwardly and got off the couch, working hard to look calm and composed. She
glanced at the clock in the ward to find that she had been sleeping for over three hours. She was
supposed to be caring for the patient, but she slept more soundly than said patient. “Do you need the
washroom?” she asked offhandedly to try to smooth over the awkwardness… only to make things even
more awkward.

“I mean…”

“Yes,” John replied right then.

Cordy stared at him even as leveled an innocent look at her. “So? You can’t help me?”

“N-No, I mean…” Cordy shook her head, and asked, “How are you going to do it? With a bucket?”

“Not while I’m lying down.”


“I can get up,” he said.

“I’ll get a nurse…”

“You can help me stand. I’m not that heavy,” John said cheerfully.

Cordy was speechless-weight was not the issue here!

Still, she gritted her teeth and gingerly helped him out of the bed while asking worriedly. “The doctors
insisted on bed rest. Are you really supposed to leave it?”

“Of course.”

Cordy could not care less just then-not when nature called.

As she helped him stand, he gave a dull grunt of pain.

“Does it hurt?” she asked nervously.


He really is stubborn,’ Cordy thought in silence.

Nonetheless, it took her great effort to help him to the washroom.

She tried to leave after getting him inside, but he said, “I can’t stand alone.”

In other words, he was saying that he would fall if she left.

“I’ll be quick,” he added.

Cordy was speechless-that was not the issue here!

Still, she turned and kept her back to him while letting him lean on her.

Not heavy?! He must be as heavy as a truck!

She almost crumbled under his weight, and she wondered for a moment what men’s bodies were made
up of, especially since he was not fat

That was when she heard splashing and she blushed, turning redder by the second.

To make things worse, the splashing seemed to go on forever-what happened to being quick?

Or did he perhaps not understand the definition of quick?!

It was quite a while until the splashing stopped. Cordy then asked, “Are

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” John said in apology

“So, you knew you were being slow?!”

“Well, I was told that this is a sign of healthy kidneys.”

Cordy was speechless once more.

you done?”

That was because he had been given stacks of IV drip for the entire day!

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