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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

As such, Cordy promised him, “I’ll come tomorrow when I’m finished with work.”

“Sure,” John replied, grinning without going through the motions of being polite.

He was just… sly!

After Cordy left the hospital, Randy entered the room, groveling. Mr. Levine.

“Help me to the washroom,” John told him.

“But you had the perfect chance…. Why didn’t you ask the missus to help?”

John shot him a look.

Cowed, Randy quickly corrected himself. “Oh, you’re always straightlaced, sir. You’d never mess

John scowled even harder-he just did not want Cordy to think that his kidneys were weak if he went to
the washroom one too many times.

As Randy helped him to the washroom, John paused.

Randy quickly offered, “Should I help you with your pants, sir?”

He had certainly lost John’s ‘affection’ ever since John became lovesick.

However, he was still a bootlicker when it was necessary, and he would always do so when the
opportunity presented itself.

“Get out!” John snapped.

Randy cringed and left with a look of utter grievance-how did he upset the man this time?

It was like all his efforts were in vain…

Meanwhile, John was staring at the towel in the bin.

How much did Cordy hate him, really?!

The next morning, Noel was waiting outside Cordy’s office when she arrived at work, and she followed
Cordy into her office.

“Dad’s been calling you the whole day yesterday. Why didn’t you answer?” she demanded angrily.

“I was at the hospital. My phone was out of juice,” Cordy said coolly.

“Why didn’t you call him back? Don’t you know how worried he was?”

Cordy sat down on her chair then and leveled Noel an icy glare. “Are you sure he’s worried?!”

Noel’s heart skipped a beat, knowing then that she could not get anything past Cordy..

“I still have a lot of work to do,” Cordy said then. “You can leave if there’s nothing else.”

Noel gritted her teeth, but since she could not force Cordy, she had to leave, calling Simon as she did.

At the next instant, Cordy’s phone began to ring.

It was about time, since she left him hanging for a day.

“I’ve had enough of you, Cordy Sachs! Why didn’t you answer my calls?!”

“Hah!” Cordy snorted. “Why should I? Are you some sort of king?”

“Cordy Sachs…!”

“I’m busy. I’m hanging up if there’s nothing else.”

“Wait!” Simon promptly stopped her. “What is this I heard about taking things to court over that riot?
What are you thinking?! Don’t you know that the public would find out if you do that?! Are you trying to
destroy Starstream Group?!”

“Even if I do, that’s my business and none of yours!” Cordy retorted staunchly. “And the riot inflicted
PTSD on me, so I’ll see this through to the end.”

“You little…!” Simon’s teeth were gnashing in rage, but Cordy was not having any of it.

After all, he was the mastermind behind the riot at the plant.

Once inquiries were made, he would be inevitably accused, and he would be in a whole lot of trouble!

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