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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Noel had called Simon immediately after she left Cordy’s office before driving straight to the hospital
where John was staying.

She had certainly been waiting for this day.

Without any chance to get close to John and worried that she might repulse him, she now had the
perfect excuse to approach him after he was hospitalized.

And when it came to men, she had always bewitched them with relative ease.

She knocked on the bedroom door and entered, a bouquet of flowers in her hand and a bright smile on
her face.

Seeing the man who was ridiculously handsome even as he lay in bed, she greeted him. “Hello, Mr.

John, however, was looking at her coolly, so she quickly introduced herself. “I’m Noel Sachs, Cordy’s

“Same father, different mother,” John added.

It left Noel feeling a little awkward, but she soon regained her composure. “You see, my sister is busy,
so she sent me here to visit you. Also, allow me to apologize on behalf of Starstream Group after one
of the workers wounded you. What happened was really regrettable…”

John, however, was staring at her judgmentally. “Cordy sent you, you say?”

“Yes, but please don’t get upset at her, Mr. Levine. She only recently took over Starstream and there’s
a lot of work to do. She can’t step away for the moment,” Noel quickly said in defense of Cordy.

However, she was still confident-she could steal Kyle from Cordy before, and she would do the same
with John now!

“Really?” John exclaimed then with an obviously sarcastic tone, and mercilessly exposed her. “But

my memory serves, you stole her fiance. Are you sure she’d send you here after that?”


It was a clear slap in the face, but Noel quickly explained, “That’s not it, Mr. Levine. I think you’ve
misunderstood what’s going on between me, my sister, and Kyle=”

“I have no interest in you or Kyle Jessop,” John said, cutting her short. “I would like to recover in peace,
and since you’re of no concern, please don’t disturb me.”

He was clearly telling Noel to leave, which left her looking awkward.

She even went out of her way to make herself look especially pretty, but John was showing her the
door even before looking her way.

“Alright, Mr. Levine-I won’t impose. I wish you a quick recovery,” she said, repressing her indignation.

She knew that she must not get pushy when John was still interested in Cordy, and that she should
keep things looking natural.

After all, the same thing worked on Kyle before-and Noel was suddenly pleased that she had used Kyle
for her experiment.

“Oh, here are some flowers for you. I hope you like them.” She kept smiling coquettishly as she put the
huge bouquet on John’s bedside table. “Also, I should apologize for mistaking you for someone else
when we first met. Please don’t take it to heart.”

The door suddenly opened before John could say a word, and Cordy stood at the doorway as she saw

“Hey, sis!” Noel appeared utterly composed, but she was surprised at how Cordy arrived so quickly.

Cordy should have a lot of work today, and the marketing of the autumn collection should have kept her

Did she receive a tip and run straight here?

She was getting smart!

“Well, since you’re here, I shall be going now.” Noel smiled as if understanding.

She appeared nonchalant as she walked past Cordy, when John suddenly called out, “Wait.

Cordy blinked in response, her lips pursing just then-Noel was no ravishing beauty, but she was
immaculate when it came to bewitching men.

Even Noel herself was surprised, though she was delighted too.

Noel initially thought that John disliked her, but he was now calling out to her.

Noel could not resist shooting Cordy a very brief glance of provocation right then before turning around.

Her eyes blinking with innocence once more, Noel’s tone appeared even more flirty as she asked,
Were you calling for me, Mr. Levine?”

“Take your flowers away. I’m allergic!” John snapped bluntly. Even the very air in the room seemed to
turn silent right then.

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