Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

Cordy stayed in John’s ward, keeping him company while working on her laptop-there was still a lot of
work to do.

She was so engrossed on occasion that she did not hear what John was saying.

Still, he did not disturb her, even picking up an apple nearby and starting to peel it.

Randy Martin was just passing by when he happened upon the scene, his jaw dropping right then! Who
was the patient there?! To think that his boss was quite the domestic goddess!

Still, he quickly fled, afraid to disturb them just then.

Meanwhile, Cordy was still reviewing several letters asking for instructions. Then, she suddenly spotted
the plate of peeled apple slices beside her laptop, and each had a toothpick as a skewer. She picked
one up and ate it offhandedly.

It had been a while since she had apples, and she almost forgot that they could be so sweet.

And after the first slice, she took a second, her eyes fixed on the screen… until she realized something
unusual while eating.

There was just her and John in the room.

And if she did not peel them, it would be…

Abruptly looking up, she saw John sitting in his bed and smiling at her.

“You peeled these?” she asked.

John shrugged. “Who else would’ve?”

“Aren’t you the patient here?”

“I’m not missing any limbs.”

Did they not just agree that she would take care of him? And was he not just saying yesterday that he
had no strength in his hands?!

She then remembered that she basically put chunks of apple yesterday into his mouth, instead of
cutting the apple into slices like these to make it easier to eat.

No matter how she thought about it, she was being perfunctory relative to him.

“I actually don’t like fruits,” she told him, switching gears just then to explain her lack of attention to

“I can tell.” John nodded, his eyes still fixed on the plate of apples in front of Cordy, where just the two
smallest slices were left now.

“That apple tastes special.” She tried to come up with another explanation for eating so much

“Well, it’s an honor that you love…” John grinned before finishing, “my apples.”

That was not what she meant! She absolutely did not find the apple special just because he peeled it!

Still, she took a deep breath, suddenly realizing that she was not going to explain herself.

Pursing her lips, she simply turned back toward her computer screen, focusing on her work once


“Could I ask a question?” John said just then.

Cordy happened to be more or less done with the tasks she had on hand, and she just had to wait for
Simon to hold up his end of their deal.

“What is it?” she asked, turning toward him.

“Why were you suddenly being distant after I left on that business trip?” John asked, his tone suddenly

Cordy was once again surprised.

He had never asked about that until now, as if he did not care.

And it had been so long ago-why would he suddenly mention it?

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