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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

Before Cordy could speak, John added sharply, “And don’t tell me you weren’t being distant. I have a
heart; I can feel it.”

In other words, he was telling her not to lie to him.

Cordy stared at him in silence for a while before asking, “I thought you knew?”

“No, I don’t,” he replied, not bothered to play around.

“I don’t believe in love, and I’ve rejected you before already,” Cordy said, lowering her gaze in fear of
meeting him. “It’s just your stubbornness talking.”

She did not want to admit that it was because of Zoe York.

There would be no ‘other woman’ if he never wanted to be with her.

“So you mean to say that my effort was bearing fruit, which was why you’re deliberately distancing
yourself?” John asked, as if to confirm it.

Cordy was taken aback, but she admitted it with her silence.

What other reason was there?!

John was too dangerous-she must not get too involved with him.

“So, I failed to offer you a sense of security,” John said. “I will restrain myself as best as I can from now

“Or you could just give up,” Cordy told him solemnly. “We can still be friends. Dicky loves me, and I
won’t lie to you-I love the boy too. From that connection alone, you can appoint me as his godmother if
you don’t mind.”

“Dream on, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy did not expect such a definitive rejection from him-it was utterly merciless, and offered no
grounds for discussion.

“You’re either Dicky’s mommy, or…

While John blinked, Cordy was left wondering if he wanted to say ‘nothing’.

“Or my wife.”

Cordy was speechless-that was the same thing!

“Yeah,” John said, clearly reading her mind and therefore telling her assuredly, “You don’t get to

“You will regret it, Mr. Levine,” Cordy said, refraining from arguing stubbornly because it was pointless
to go any further.

“I already did,” John replied quietly.


“I need the washroom,” John suddenly said.

Cordy was speechless again. Nature really called out of the blue, huh?

Cordy kept John company until he fell asleep before leaving the hospital.

It was very late into the night when Simon finally called her, saying that Fabian Locke and Dean
Longman would hand in their resignations tomorrow. He would also bring the culprit to the hospital to
visit John, as well as to offer compensation and an apology.

The resignation letters arrived the next morning just as John texted her, saying that Simon was at the
hospital, and that Simon had paid him a huge sum in compensation.

Still sitting behind her desk, Cordy called her secretary from the internal phone line. “Vince? Ask the
CEO to come to my office-there will be a heads of departments meeting in half an hour. Warn them not
to be late!”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

Soon, Noel entered Cordy’s office.

After being humiliated when she tried to visit John yesterday, Noel’s frustration only grew after she
returned home.

Fortunately, she always had a stout mindset as a child. Though others might call it being thick- skinned,
the Sachs tended to side with her all the time because of that.

That was why she could compose herself even if she faced worse situations, and as today arrived, her
mood was not at all affected by what happened yesterday.

In fact, she was already prepared for her next strike.

And yet, she was still apprehensive when Cordy summoned her to her office.

Cordy had always been petty. Did she call Noel alone to her office to insult or warn Noel for yesterday?

Preparing herself mentally, Noel sat opposite Cordy and asked, “You asked for me, sis?”

“I just received Fabian Locke and Dean Longman’s resignations, and I approved them,” Cordy said
right away.

Noel naturally knew that.

Then, Cordy kept her eyes fixed on Noel as he continued, “That also means that there isn’t anyone
managing our company’s production for this season, and the deadline is upon us. You used to be in the
design team, so you must have close ties with the production team-that is why I’ve decided to grant you
full authority over production for next season’s fashion line. Would there be any problems?”

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