Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Noel was left staring fixedly at Cordy, completely unable to read the latter’s mind.

Noel had presumed that Cordy had asked for her to talk about her visit to John’s ward. She doubted
that Cordy would not know what she was up to, and she was not even hiding it.

Naturally, Noel could not admit it… but the issue was that Cordy had not mentioned it at all! And Cordy
definitely took exception!

Cordy of all people would know that men always hovered around Noel ever since they were children,
but now, all she talked about was work.

Most importantly, Cordy did everything she could so that both Fabian and Dean were ousted. That was
just to ensure that Cordy herself could take charge of production, was it not? Cordy obviously knew that
those men were loyal to Simon and would not really work for her.

And yet, Cordy was delegating all authority on production to Noel, who would unquestionably side

with Simon.

That meant all of Cordy’s efforts were wasted, no?

Did her brain go haywire or something?

While Noel stayed quiet, worried that this was Cordy’s trap, she still could not understand this move-
would it hurt her in any way?

Or perhaps Cordy was just too busy to do it herself?

After all, Cordy must be giving John all her attention, having kept him company the whole day
yesterday at the hospital. If Noel’s hunch was right, Cordy would be at his side again after the meeting

With that in mind, Noel said, “No problem, sis. We’re family, and I’ve always worked here anyway. I
certainly can’t refuse sharing your workload and contributing to Starstream.”

Cordy smiled, but otherwise remained impassive. “I’m counting on you.”

“It’s fine, sis.

“Don’t forget the meeting later too. You may go now.”


Noel started to leave then, deliberately pausing for a moment..

But Cordy was not mentioning yesterday at all.

Did Cordy really not mind, or was she perhaps worried about upsetting Noel, since Noel could stop
assisting her in retaliation?

Noel believed that it was the latter.

The conference room of Starstream Group had always been noisy whenever there was a meeting,

a deliberate display of disrespect toward Cordy.

Even so, Cordy did not waste time on restoring order-they would turn quiet once they heard something
that interested them.

“I’ve just received Fabian Locke and Dean Longman’s resignation,” she announced, getting right. down
to business. “I’m sure everyone would have known by know,”

To no surprise, everyone turned silent right then-most of them did pay notice to resignations.

“I accepted them, since I respect every employee’s decision,” Cordy continued. “However, they left too
suddenly and there are no suitable candidates to replace them, so Noel would be taking charge of next
season’s production for the time being.”

Everyone else was certainly stunned by that news.

They all knew that ousting Fabian and Dean would smoothen production, since the delays were
Simon’s arrangement.

Cordy had to be smart enough to know that, and yet, she was now appointing Simon’s most trusted
daughter to take charge of production.

What was that, if not shooting herself in the foot? She was going through all that trouble for nothing!

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