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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

Today was the scheduled photoshoot for Zoe York for her endorsement of Starstream Group’s fashion
line for the next season.

Cordy was at the studio early in the morning, personally helping Zoe with her wardrobe,

hairdressing, and makeup.

This was the first product launch commercial for Cordy since she took over Starstream-it was important
to both her and her company, so she would not drag her feet.

She had personally designed Zoe’s dress according to the latter’s measurements, and it was even
more fitting than she imagined after Zoe put it on.

“I mean, I’ve seen your designs, but I’m still astonished at how great this looks once I put it on. This has
to be the best casualwear I’ve ever put-the design is as perfect as it is unique.” Zoe praised generously
as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. “You have to give the designer a bonus.

Cordy smiled. “I’m honored.”

“I’m just telling it as it is, Zoe said bluntly. “If Starstream Fashion still doesn’t skyrocket in popularity with
this level of design, I’m the one who’s lacking sway, not the designs.

Cordy certainly must admit that Zoe’s assurances gave her a peace of mind.

While she never doubted her own designs, none of them were marketed and she did not have any idea
how the market would react. Even so, Zoe granted her belief.

If she had never been this close to Zoe, Cordy would never expect a beautiful A-list actress like her to
carry such a steely determination in private. It was hard not to like Zoe.

“After today’s photoshoot, we will officially announce that you will be the new official endorser of
Starstream Group,” Cordy said. “We will also be uploading short highlights from today on YouTube and
other platforms to stir the hype. Naturally, any content and documents will be sent to your studio
beforehand for approval.”

Zoe nodded. “Your company’s arrangements will do. You’ll find me perfectly cooperative.”

Cordy once again found Zoe exceedingly affable just then.

Did Zoe really not mind her past?

Moreover, she and John were… in a tit-for-tat relationship.

Nonetheless, the photoshoot went smoother than expected, and Zoe was so diligent and dedicated
they ended the session two hours ahead of schedule, surprising Cordy yet again. She was actually
ready for the photoshoot to last for days, since she had worked with artists before.

And with some of them ‘not feeling it’, the photoshoots were dragged on for up to a month.

“Good work,” Cordy said as she handed Zoe a bottle of water. “The finalized photos and highlight clips
will be sent to your studio, as I mentioned.”

Zoe nodded as she took a sip from the bottle. “Are you free tonight?”


“At this hour, once I clean off my makeup and have a break, it’d be time for dinner,” Zoe explained.

“Don’t you have other work?” Cordy asked.

“Well, I took the day off since I didn’t know how long today’s photoshoot would take.”

“Okay. What would you like to eat? I’ll book us a place,” Cordy said.

“Anything goes, but the priority is the alcohol.” Zoe beamed. “It’s quite fun to drink with you.” “Alright, I’ll
make the arrangements.” Cordy agreed.

At 6 PM and after ensuring that Zoe could take spicy food, Cordy brought her to an authentic Mariachi

The long list of Mariachi dishes in the restaurant was a perfect pairing for alcohol.

In their private room, Zoe’s eyes lit up after she took a bite of a spicy sausage. “How did you find this

“I used to work in public relations,” Cordy said as she poured Zoe a glass of beer. “I basically visited
every restaurant of every variety throughout North City to draw financiers, and would take them to a
restaurant that fit their preferences the most.”

“You’re really different from what I expected,” Zoe said even as she relentlessly stuffed food into her

It was certainly the first time Cordy had seen an actress eating so carelessly, since most of them had
an almost demonic obsession with strict regimes to maintain their figures.

“I used to think that you’re just a pretty face-dependent on men and lacking any competence,” Zoe
continued bluntly just then. “Even though you’re pretty.”

It was not the first time Zoe praised Cordy’s good looks.

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