Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

Cordy spoke with much irony, “Kyle Jessop is really good at claiming others’ achievements.”

She had done so much for Jessop Corp, but all of it in the end was categorized as Kyle’s work.

She did not hold it against him because they were in a relationship, but now, she found that it really
was not worth it.

“How did you two end up breaking up? Don’t tell me that fire burns away your feelings for each other…”

“He fell for my stepsister.”

“Noel Sachs?” Zoe smirked. “That two-faced bitch.”

“You can tell?”

“Anyone with eyes can. Shame that four out of five men are blind.”

Cordy smiled-Zoey was certainly speaking sense, and she could not help feeling a little touched. This
was only their second meeting, but there was this indescribable connection between them. Even Cordy
herself had to admit that they really get along well together.

Since she always kept to herself even as a child, she never had many friends.

While she did have a couple of close friends, everyone avoided her ever since that scandal eighteen
years ago. It was as if being seen with her would tarnish their reputation as well, and as time went by,
Cordy became accustomed to being alone.

In fact, she wondered if she had been too lonely abroad and hence fell in love with Kyle easily, even
having complete faith that their relationship was rock-solid.

As the two continued their conversation, they were drinking as well.

Though Cordy was not intending to get drunk, she drank a lot since she and Zoe were really hitting

it off.

That was when her phone rang, and she glanced at the caller ID before answering. “Yes, Vince?” “Ms.
Sachs, I’ve sent the official documents, photos and video highlights of Ms. York’s photoshoot to your
phone. Please go through them, and if there’s no issue, I’ll forward it to PR and Ms. York’s
management company for confirmation. We’re prepared to go public at 10:10 PM on all major

“Okay,” Cordy hung up and checked through all the documents, photos, and video highlights on her
phone before showing it to Zoe as well. “Check this out. It’s the highlights and our official
announcements we’ll be publishing soon.”

Zoe spared it a few glances before saying, “It’s good-I look gorgeous in those. Most importantly, the
design is great.”

“I’ll approve it, then.”


With that, Cordy texted Vince Cartman back before continuing to feast with Zoe.

By 9:30 PM, they must have finished two cartons of beer.

Zoe was now obviously drunk, though Cordy did not fare any better.

Occasionally, she came under the impression that Zoe was trying to drink away her sorrows, though it
would also appear as if Zoe simply liked to drink.

Moreover, Zoe did not look like a person with sorrows.

“Let’s get you home,” Cordy said as she helped Zoe to her feet.

“Nope,” Zoe mumbled as she leaned her whole body against Cordy. “I want to sleep with you.”

While Cordy was left speechless, Zoe continued, “We’re family soon anyway.”

If Zoe was not involved with John, Cordy would have suspected that Zoe was putting the moves

on her.

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