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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

Cordy asked, “Do you have a problem with Director Parker?”

“No,” Zoe replied nonchalantly.

Even so, Cordy thought that things were weird between Zoe and Jay.

For one, why would Zoe refuse to take his call?

Reasonably speaking, one would feel bad if they did not answer a director’s call, would they not?

Or maybe Zoe was more important than the project?

After all, she heard that the TV series was just slightly above B-list, but not actually A-list.

And with Zoe’s current status in showbiz, she could get S-list scripts whenever she wanted.

But while Zoe could throw her weight around, she did not look like the type who would do that. “I’m
sleepy.” Zoe yawned just then. “I’m going to bed.”


Cordy certainly would not pry into the private affairs of others, not to mention that she and Zoe were not
that close.

But somehow, they were sharing a bed already.

Early next morning, Cordy made a simple breakfast for herself and Zoe.

When a drowsy Zoe emerged from the bedroom, she yawned after spotting the food on the table: “I’m
fine-I’m on a diet anyway.”

She was certainly not shy about it at all, while Cordy wondered if she was like this to everyone.

“But you were eating a lot last night…” Cordy pointed out.

“Exactly. That’s why I have to go on a diet now,” Zoe said, as if it made perfect sense.

“Skipping breakfast is bad for the stomach.”

“I know. My assistant will bring me boiled eggs and low-fat milk. I’ll have those in the car.”

“You’re leaving already?” Cordy asked.

“Director Parker did tell me not to be late yesterday. I’d never dare to upset him.”

Cordy frowned.

But Zoe did not answer his call last night…

“Thanks for last night,” Zoe smiled at Cordy then, even flashing her a wink. “I’ll send you something

nice for your wedding.”

Cordy was speechless. Who was she marrying again?

News that Zoe signed an endorsement deal with Starstream Group had left both the showbiz and
commerce worlds in shock.

None of them would ever have imagined that Zoe would collaborate with a mediocre enterprise like
Starstream Group.

It was precisely because it was so surprising that it topped trending searches, rapidly hyping up
Starstream Fashion.

Meanwhile, Kyle was left scowling in his office.

Was this what Cordy intended-to use the unprecedented situation to increase click-through rates?!

But so what if it was?

Starstream Group’s fashion line would never sell anyway, and the hype would only be momentary.

Once it passed, it would all prove to be a waste of time, effort, and money.

Picking up his phone, Kyle made a call. “Mandy? Why aren’t you at the studio yet?”

“I have a short video to shoot today, Kyle,” Mandy Jessop replied. “I’ll come in tomorrow.”

“Couldn’t you have mentioned that earlier?” Kyle huffed.

“I just got the call myself,” Mandy replied. “Anyway, I’m hanging up. They’re starting soon.”

And she did just that.

Kyle was certainly disappointed in her.

The family had spent a fortune on her over the years to help her develop in showbiz, only for her to end
up a permanent B-list actress. She would have risen much further if she worked a little harder on her

However, the family had spoiled her ever since she was a child, and she only ever catered to her own

Naturally, she was not informed out of the blue-she had completely forgotten about the commercial
shooting for her own family’s business!

As a matter of fact, the short film was being shot near the set of Pomp and Circumstance, and Mandy
was fuming as she remembered Zoe poaching her role.

Just then, an assistant director came and told her, “Get ready, Mandy. Director Parker will be here soon
to direct the shooting.”

“Wait, Jay Parker is directing?”

“It was supposed to be Director Cammy, but something came out and the company had to get a
replacement. Don’t worry, though-Director Parker’s a professional, acknowledged by everyone in

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