Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

Mandy did not care who the director was, but she was more or less upset after Jay cold- shouldered
her back at Alan Levine’s birthday party.

After a long while, Jay finally showed up on set and the shooting began after a short exchange.


Jay sat in front of the camera, but a frown soon appeared on his face.

“Cut!” He snapped.

Suddenly told to stop, Mandy scowled immediately.

“What’s wrong, Director?” the assistant director quickly asked.

“She’s looking the wrong way and her position is awkward. She carries no presence in the camera
either, and her appearance as well as her costume won’t do,” Jay said. “The final outcome won’t have
any of its intended effect.”

Mandy scowled even harder from his words-no one had ever dared talk to her like that because of her
family background!

“Prop team, adjust her appearance. I don’t want your run-of-the-mill web celebrity cheap aesthetic. As
for the actors and actresses, study the script again to understand it further,” Jay finished bluntly. “I’ll be
returning to the other set. I’ll be back soon.”

As he started to leave, however, Mandy charged at him, screaming, “Jay Parker!”

She had never been criticized so much in her years in showbiz!

As Jay stopped, she snapped, “Since you have so much to say about my performance, why don’t you
demonstrate what you want personally?!”

“I’m a director, not an actor,” Jay said bluntly. “And while I can certainly demonstrate it, I’m busy.” With
that, he turned to leave again, leaving Mandy indignant.

With old scars and now new ones, she strode forward to grab Jay’s shirt.

Caught off guard, he wobbled and slammed into a scaffolding nearby.

The structure hardly showed integrity since the shot was expected to end after just a day, and the steel
pipes began to collapse from the collision.

“Watch out!”

While everyone present was left stunned, Mandy was left petrified and watching as the steel pipes
plummeted straight at her.

But at the very last moment, Jay suddenly lunged forward, knocking her to the floor and shielding her
beneath himself while every steel pipe slammed onto his back…

News that Zoe signed an endorsement deal with Starstream Group had left both the showbiz and
commerce worlds in shock.

None of them would ever have imagined that Zoe would collaborate with a mediocre enterprise like
Starstream Group.

It was precisely because it was so surprising that it topped trending searches, rapidly hyping up
Starstream Fashion.

Meanwhile, Kyle was left scowling in his office.

Was this what Cordy intended-to use the unprecedented situation to increase click-through rates?!

But so what if it was?

Starstream Group’s fashion line would never sell anyway, and the hype would only be momentary.

Once it passed, it would all prove to be a waste of time, effort, and money.

Picking up his phone, Kyle made a call. “Mandy? Why aren’t you at the studio yet?”

“Thave a short video to shoot today, Kyle,” Mandy Jessop replied. “I’ll come in tomorrow.” “Couldn’t you
have mentioned that earlier?” Kyle huffed.

“I just got the call myself,” Mandy replied. “Anyway, I’m hanging up. They’re starting soon.”

And she did just that.

Kyle was certainly disappointed in her.

The family had spent a fortune on her over the years to help her develop in showbiz, only for her to end
up a permanent B-list actress. She would have risen much further if she worked a little harder on her

However, the family had spoiled her ever since she was a child, and she only ever catered to her own

Naturally, she was not informed out of the blue-she had completely forgotten about the commercial
shooting for her own family’s business!

As a matter of fact, the short film was being shot near the set of Pomp and Circumstance, and Mandy
was fuming as she remembered Zoe poaching her role.

Just then, an assistant director came and told her, “Get ready, Mandy. Director Parker will be here soon
to direct the shooting.”

“Wait, Jay Parker is directing?”

“It was supposed to be Director Cammy, but something came out and the company had to get a
replacement. Don’t worry, though-Director Parker’s a professional, acknowledged by everyone in

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