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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

Cordy felt this emotion inside that she could not quite describe but she ignored it.

Soon, they arrived at Chateau Emporio, but before she could speak, John told her, “Dicky’s waiting for
you inside.”

And with that, she stopped herself from saying what she would have, just as Winston arrived, greeting
them respectfully, “Welcome home, Master John-and welcome, Ms. Levine.”

So aside from Richard, Winston was here too?!

Did that mean John sent Winston away the last time she came over?


A little figure dashed out of the chateau and threw himself into Cordy’s arms right then. “Mommy,

I missed you so much… but Daddy wouldn’t let me see you at the hospital!”

It was obviously a complaint.

Still, Cordy patiently dropped to a crouch before Richard, explaining, “He was hurt, so he had to stay at
the hospital. He would’ve had to take care of you if you went, and he wouldn’t have recovered so

“That’s a lie,” Richard said sharply just then. “Daddy’s just worried that I’d have Mommy all to myself.
He doesn’t know how to share.”

Cordy could not help smiling then-the term ‘sharing’ might have been misplaced there.

Winston was smiling too, though he was on John’s side on this one since a man simply did not share
his wife.

“Dicky,” John growled, glowering just then.

Naturally fearing his father, Richard quickly stopped complaining at his threat and instead tamely took
out a pair of pink slippers and placed them on the floor. “Why don’t you try them, mommy? Daddy and I
spent a lot of time picking these from the mall.”

Cordy felt her heart softening just then.

She would not be visiting here that often, but they went out of their way to prepare those slippers for
their anyway.

She felt worse remembering that John had to buy his own slippers the last time he visited her home.

Still, she put on the slippers, finding them soft and comfortable and the size perfect. “It’s so pretty.

“I knew you’d like them, Mommy. Now hurry-I’ll take you on a tour around our place. It’s so big and
beautiful,” Richard said enthusiastically.

Cordy wondered just then if his little heart could take it if she told him that she had been here before.

“Ms. Sachs, it’s on the news that you just signed on Zoe York as your brand ambassador.”

“Oh, right,” Cordy nodded, though she seemed to be glancing at John as she spoke.

He appeared perfectly calm, and when he turned toward her after noticing her look, she had already
turned away.

“You have a good eye, Ms. Sachs. Zoe is as beautiful as she is fashionable. There’s no better
candidate for a brand ambassador,” Randy quickly added.

Since he was at once praising Cordy’s insight and Zoe’s good looks, he certainly was killing two birds
with one stone-complimenting the two most important women in John’s life!

He almost wanted to pat himself on the back!

“Don’t you agree, boss?” he asked just then, seizing the moment to fawn over John.

John glanced at Randy before commenting, ‘Zoe York does have good genes.”

Randy stared at his boss through the rearview mirror for a while, utterly speechless.

The man should be acknowledging Cordy’s business acumen before flattering her by saying that she
was more beautiful than Zoe, let alone brag about his family’s genes!

Randy finally understood why John was having no progress with the missus after so long-in fact, it
would be weird if he managed to woo her!

Meanwhile, Cordy frowned at John’s words. So… he had already met Zoe’s parents?

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