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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Vince Cartman arrived with a document just then. “Ms. Sachs? The sales report for the first wave is

“Show it to me,” Cordy said calmly..

Even as he passed it to her, Vince was reporting excitedly. “It’s far beyond what we predicted- sales
began at 10 AM sharp today, and the more popular designs were sold out in seconds. Sales of the
other designs also rose over thirty percent from our forecast, and counting. The numbers from physical
stores are still pending, but the feedback nationwide is that they are selling like hotcakes, and they are
too busy to count. Even the supplies are barely meeting the demand.” Cordy could not resist smiling at
that, even as Vince took out an iPad and tapped on the photo gallery. “Humphrey Wickers-our director
of sales-has just arrived at the biggest mall in the city for an on-site survey, and here are the photos of
our retail stores. Retail stores of other brands on the same floor are basically empty, though it’s the
same story for retail stores on other floors anyway.”

One certainly had to admit now that Starstream Fashion made a bang!

It was not just Starstream Group who were surprised but this level of success-their rivals certainly did
not expect it either.

In his office, Kyle slammed the documents he was holding on his desk.

Never did it cross his mind that Cordy would really propel Starstream Fashion to such immense
popularity, while Jessop Corps’ own products for their season barely reached a third of Starstream
Fashion’s sales figures! It was an unacceptable humiliation for North City’s top local fashion company
who had a monopoly over the business!

Opening his laptop abruptly, Kyle restrained his rage as he studied the new Starstream designs.

After all, he had been too focused on Zoe to notice the designs. It had been years since Starstream
produced anything noteworthy, and there was no way Cordy could have moved heaven and earth so
soon after she took over.

And yet, when he really laid eyes on the designs, he was left glowering.

Even he had to admit that the standard of Strastream’s autumn collection far eclipsed anything Jessop
Corp’s best designers could come up with.

And with that, Kyle promptly unleashed his wrath on his subordinates!

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that Starstream Fashion has a new designer?! Don’t you know that we must
keep an eye on our competition even when we focus on our own business?! Or did none of you felt any
danger when the competition had risen to such standards?!”

“But we’ve already made queries, Mr. Jessop-there weren’t any new recruits at Starstream!” the
director of design quickly replied. “Ms. Noel Sachs was the one who came up with the designs for the
autumn collection as well. Our source is also verified since it’s Hank Rogers, who was an important
figure at the company even though he left Starstream now. I mean, Cordy herself even rewarded Noel
with a huge bonus for her work!”

Kyle’s expression darkened further at the feedback.

Noel designed those? Did she even understand whose side she was on?!

“Out!” Kyle barked at his subordinates, and they promptly left.

After they were gone, Kyle called Noel, shouting at her the instant she answered, “What are you
thinking, Noel?! Don’t you understand how badly I’ve been affected by the designs you made for


Noel was certainly aggrieved at the moment as well.

She was stunned when Cordy produced the design templates for the autumn collection, but she did not
expect Cordy to be able to propel the entire season’s designs to such wild popularity!

In fact, she had never expected Cordy’s promotional efforts to succeed at all.

Even Zoe was unexpectedly dedicated to her role as brand ambassador, promoting the designs. to the
public and even on her private social media, where she often mentioned Starstream Fashion and
showered them with endless praise.

With the conspicuous product placements and the designs more than holding their own, Starstream
was instantly a household name and seized all the attention they needed.

“I didn’t know that it would be that popular,” Noel said, making herself sound especially unhappy just
then. “I just put together some designs on a whim, but Cordy kept rejecting it so I had to respond in
kind. I didn’t think that the final product would be that popular.”

“You still should have told me,” Kyle growled, hardly hiding his rage. “You never told me that Cordy was
signing on Zoe York, or that she was reforming Starstream Fashion as a whole! Don’t you get it? I’m
your real family here! And did you think you could reclaim Starstream Group after helping Cordy so
much? Are you stupid?!”

Noel certainly was not stupid-Cordy was just too smart for her.

Still, Noel’s eyes flashed viciously just then. “Actually, Kyle, it’s not entirely bad now that

Starstream Fashion is popular.”

“What are you on about?!” Kyle did not hide his frustration at all.

“The higher they climb, the higher they fall!” Noel snapped, growling every word.

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