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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

John’s fingers eased around his golden fountain pen just then, as Randy’s words seemed to offer him

As for Randy, he was heaving a subtle sigh of relief–thank goodness he was sharp enough, or the days
ahead would be disastrous.

“I’ll be constantly keeping an eye on things over there too, sir,” he quickly added. “I won’t ever let her be
hurt by those loathsome dirtbags.”

“Good,” John replied, and finally turned his attention to his computer, returning to his own work.

The atmosphere at the conference room in Starstream Group was immeasurably grim.

They had never been a major enterprise, but things had always been calm, and they had never faced
such a terrible crisis.

At wit’s end, no one could hide their anxiety and panic at all.

Suddenly, someone spoke.

“Sis, have you thought of a solution? If this goes on, I’m worried that our company would…”

Noel deliberately allowed her words to trail off, while appearing to look apprehensive as well. Cordy
looked at her just then, knowing all too well who the mastermind really was.

Her ploys never changed over the years–Kyle was an accomplice, at best.

Turning to look at everyone else, she said, “Accept the customers‘ demands for refunds. Stick to the
full process for any customers as long as they ask for it–no questions asked, including goods that are

worn or already damaged.”

“No way!” Gary Bryant cried anxiously. “Ms. Sachs, the sales of our autumn collection had always
reached at least 50,000 items nationwide. The company would never be able to withstand such
monumental pressure if we refund everything!”

“Please let me finish,” Cordy replied calmly, though she had been calm all this while.

Ever since she reformed Starstream to a certain extent, most important figures in the company were
now earnest about working for Cordy. While they had things to say since this responsibility for this crisis
lay squarely on Cordy’s shoulders, they were once again impressed by Cordy’s unexpected calm.

In fact, a 25–year old woman’s self–control despite such a huge scandal certainly trumped the anxious
crowd, and they could not help being sincerely willing to listen to her arrangements. “Accept the
refunds is the first step to salvaging our good name. The second is for Finance to do some math: I want
the numbers of the expected losses, presuming that fifty percent of all refunds go through and include
all due payments to our suppliers. I just need a number on how much capital we would lose, but I need
it today… Sorry, but that probably means Finance is going to work overtime.”

Iker Kinley, the head of finance, promptly replied, “Okay, I’ll make the arrangements soon.”

“Now, for the third step–we will be organizing a press conference tomorrow. Our PR department will be
in charge of notifying the major media outlets of North City, but there’s no need to bribe or sway them.
However, the PR team must play nice so as to not cause negative preconceptions before we get
started, and naturally that also means preparing everything for the press

conference: the stage, snacks, beverages, and the like.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs,” Stacy Dawson–the head of PR–quickly replied.

“Last but not least, every head must keep their respective departments in line, and stop any employees
from messing up amid this crisis. Also, once we step out through those doors, everyone is prohibited
from discussing this crisis with anyone out of this company. If anyone is discovered to have violated
that, it will be a summary dismissal and other due legal processes.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs,” every head of the department quickly replied.

“As long as we have yet to reach the end, no one knows how things will end. I understand that
everyone is concerned, just as I can’t promise a perfect conclusion to this mess–even so, I hope
everyone will believe in me, and that I’ll never abandon Starstream.”

As Cordy finished, she rose to her feet and bowed, leaving everyone taken aback.

She had always been authoritative, and not as mild as she was now.

“I believe in you, Ms. Sachs!” Gary was the first to speak up. “Everyone has a past, and I don’t think
you’ve done anything wrong. I’ll support you until the end as long as you won’t chase me away!“

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